The Club Member & DXer Of The Year Awards
Each year the NCDXC makes two awards: outstanding Member and outstanding DXer of the club. These are members who have consistently and actively participated in DX and club activities. The award is given at the International DX Convention.

Criteria for Selection of the Club Member or DXer of the Year
  • Cooperation and assistance with DX efforts, maintaining liaison with or coordinating DXpeditions, and helping other members to work DX.
  • Standards of operating ethics and practices. Compliance with FCC regulations, exhibition of fair play, sportsmanship, and good operating practices at all times. Use of ethical practices in working new countries, and obtaining QSLs.
  • Paticipation in club activities. Serve as officer or director, DXer editor, participation in DX contests with scores contributed to the club, support of the club repeater, attendance of club and repeater meetings, service on committees, bringing in new members or making guests welcome.
  • Achievements. Winning major DX contests, winner of awards such as 5BDXCC, Honor Roll, etc. Amateur related appointments and service, as in ARRL offices or communications department appointments. Service to public in emergencies, or promoting international goodwill. Assistance to potential or new amateur radio operators or conducting of training programs.
  • Members of the committee, if nominated from for the award, shall be withdrawn from the committee and replaced by members not nominated.
  • The time period considered shall be the calendar year immediately preceding granting of the award, but past performance in prior years shall also be considered by the committee.
  • 65th International DX Convention, April 4-6, 2014

    Mike, K6MKF and NCDXC 2014 DXer of the Year
    John Miller, K6MM

    Mike, K6MKF and NCDXC 2014 Members of the Year
    Carolyn (WB6ABC) & Mike (W6WZ) Gavin

    64th International DX Convention, April 19-21, 2013
    Two New Records Set At IDXC 2013:
    Total Attendees = 852 Attendees
    First Year Attendees = 134 (16% of total)

    Member of the Year
    Bob, W6OPO

    DXer of the Year
    Mike, K6MKF

    Member of the Year
    Phil, W6PK

    Russ, K6KLY, NCDXC 2012 DXpedition of the Year Recipient PTØS (Fred Carvalho, PY2XB), Steve, N6SJ

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