2017 International DX Convention
Another Great Meeting Hosted By NCDXC!

Attendees = 695
34 Visitors From 17 Countries
92 First-Time Attendees = 13% of total
Photos By Bob, N6TV Are HERE

Member of the Year
Mike Flowers, K6MKF

DXer of the Year
Paul Ewing, N6PSE

DXer of the Year
Bob Schmieder, KK6EK

W6OL CW Award
Ken Opskar, LA7GIA
Raffle Prize Winners
Saturday Banquet Sunday Breakfast
Pre-Registration Heil Pro7 Headset
Winner: XE2K
FT-450D Transceiver
Winner: XE2K
1st Year Attendee RigExpert AA-54 Winner: NU6A
RS60CF Headset
Winner: WA7BNG
Youngest Ham FT-450D Transceiver Winner: E41MT = KD9CJN
IC-7300 Transceiver
Winner: K2PO
IC-7300 Transceiver
Winner: W1YRC
PRO-1B Magnetic Loop Antenna
Winner: K6FG
PRO-1B Magnetic Loop Antenna
ColibriDDC SDR Receiver
Winner: AI6DF
TS-590SG Transceiver
Winner: KF6JBG
FT-991A Transceiver
Winner: AF6Q
$700 Certifcate Expert Linears America Winner: KH6GJV
Hi-Q 4 Pirana HF Mobile Antenna
Winner: AA6S
MA-40 Tubular Tower
Winner: W6QE
IC-7300 Transceiver
Winner: W7SO
FT-991A Transceiver
Winner: K7UN
CrankIR 80m-2m Vertical Antenna
Winner: N9ADG
IC-7600 Transceiver
Winner: N6OI
Winner: K8TE
FLEX-6700 Transceiver
Winner: KF6JBG
Elecraft KPA1500 Amplifier
Winner: W6IW

NCDXC alternates hosting of the annual International DX Convention witih the Southern California DX Club.

SCDXC hosts every "even" year (2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, etc.) and NCDXC hosts every "odd" year (2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, etc.).

IDXC is one of the most popular DX conventions of the year.  If you’re a DXer or interested in any aspect of Ham radio, then IDXC is the place to be.  Top DX operators from around the world will be there.  You'll match those familiar callsigns with new faces, and shake hands with the person you have had a sched with for the past 10 years but never met. 

Learn the secrets for big signals on top band. How to have fun adventures chasing IOTA, attend the contest forum, antenna forum, DX forum, or Contest Academy.  There are seminars for everyone from the seasoned pro to the beginning DXer.  Visit the Exhibit Hall, where you can talk to the people who design and use the best DX equipment.  We have some great raffle Prizes the likes of which top even the famed Dayton Hamvention.  And don’t forget the "Non-Hams" who attend — we have a Special Tour for them as well.  

The latest information about IDXC can be obtained via the IDXC website:

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