The 2019 IDXC Logo Design Contest Is Now Officially Open
To All NCDXC Members !

We Need A Great Logo For This Very Special Year For IDXC:
It's the 70th Anniversary Of The Convention !

To help stimulate your creative thinking, the covers of the Convention Guides from the last 12 years are shown below (scroll down). Notice the variety of logo shapes: Diamond (2007), Octagon (2008), Rectangle (2009, 2013, 2014, 2016), Oval (2010, 2011), Square (2012, 2017, 2018), Circle (2015).  Just about any shape will work. Most importantly, however, is the "crowding factor". You'll notice some logos are easy to read -- clean. Others are more difficult.  Logos from 2011 & 2014 were difficult to reproduce clearly and very difficult to sew on the Convention Shirt.  Keep this thought in mind.

There are 5 mandatory elements of the logo which must be included in your design:

1. The phrase "70th Annual"
2. The Dates: "April 12-14, 2019" or just "April 2019"
3. The Location: "Visalia, CA" or "Visalia, California"
4. Both Co-Sponsors: "NCDXC" and "SCDXC" (abbreviations only)
5. The phrase "International DX Convention"   Note: You can include the abbreviation "IDXC" on the logo, but the full name must also be present.

Where you place these elements, how they are positioned relative to one another, and the use of any other additional graphic elements --- is up to you.  

Please try to design and save it in the highest quality resolution possible.  The standard printing resolution is 300 dots-per-inch (dpi).  Acceptable formats include .PNG, .JPEG, .PDF, .TIFF and .PSD (Photoshop). These are the best for scaling graphics.

Please email your entry to   

The deadline is extended to 5:00 PM on Sunday, October 28, 2018.

The Three Amigos (Co-Chairs) will determine the winner, who will receive a complimentary 2019 IDXC Convention Shirt.  More importantly you will get to see your fantastic creation displayed everywhere:  The Convention Guide, Convention Shirt, Convention Patch, Convention Website, The DXer Newsletter, and all over the internet.

So, put on your creative thinking caps.  Use your imagination, and come up with a design that you think will embody the spirit of the 70th Anniversary of the International DX Convention.

Looking forward to receiving your entries soon!

John, K6MM
Kevin, K6TD
Rich, KE1B
2019 Co-Chairs

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