This is a fully functioning late model Collins with the Waters Rejection Filter – a rare accessory. 

The unit is exceptionally clean, no “burning” apparent and has socketed relays.  The single greatest feature is the superb receive sensitivity as detailed below. 

The unit was completely tested, aligned and had all controls cleaned less than 10 days ago.  Covers 80m to 10m and one WARC band – 17m.  (Upper Deck crystal board is installed). 


Excellent SNR on all bands:  example is 10 meters with SNR of 10dB @ -119 dBm (0.25uv) and even better on all other bands.  WARC band 17m showed 34 dB @ -95 dBm; very good for a post- build band not in the original Collins design. 

All tubes checked, no leakage, no shorts.  This is an uncommonly quiet transceiver. 

Transmit output: 

80m through 20m = 100 watts out. 

15m = 70 – 80 watts depending on tune/load setting 

10m = 25 – 30 watts, as all Collins optimized for low and mid bands, not 10m. 

17m = 80 watts out [Normal for non-standard (1960’s) bands]

PTO is very stable after full warm-up as is TX freq. with no parasitics. 


1.  VOX gain control is a bit tight but fully functional 

2.  The concentric tune/load knob must be used with full attention – using one can at times also move the other but both are fully functional.  (I am told this is not uncommon). 

Final comments: 

The radio, as with all Collins, requires a high Z mike – measurements show 100 – 200 mv p-p is needed.  An Electro Voice 638 is included with the correct Collins connector. 

The Collins power supply is available. It is in the Collins cabinet and fully updated—solid state rectification with new caps and resistors, etc. all on a new circuit board.  This is the state-of-the-art conversion for the Collins 516F-2 power supply. No tubes, less heat. 

Some spare bits & pieces, rubber feet, interconnect cables, an almost complete set of new tubes, including 2 -6146 finals, come with the full package only.  Owner and service manuals are included. 

 Radio and Power supply, mike, manuals, bits and pieces, partial new tube set, etc.   $2,000 

 Radio, manuals and mike, only   $1, 750