This rig is in very good condition.  A few light scratches in the finish on the top of the radio, but otherwise it’s very clean.  It works perfectly. I’ve worked a lot of DX with this rig.  This sale includes the following: 

– IC-7600 Transceiver 

– Icom Hand Mic (original) 

– Icom Power Cord 

– Icom Owner’s Manual 

– Original Icom box 

– Mini Circuits ZFSC-2-1 RF Splitter (mounted on the back panel) 

    NOTE:  The splitter installed on the back of the rig splits the IF stage out to an optional SDR.  It was installed by the original owner of the rig, Larry WB4FGF.  I will include full documentation for the use of the splitter.  It is installed with plug-in cables, so removing the splitter and restoring the original Icom cable — which is included — will return the radio to its original factory configuration. 

Pictures available on request.  Free pickup in the Silicon Valley area.  I’m willing to ship the rig as well, but shipping cost would be calculated based on your QTH. 

Contact: Frank N6OI