I am the second owner having bought it in April of 2010.

 It has the ICOM hardware upgrades including additional roofing filter and upgraded receiver boards, one for each of the two receivers.   It also has ICOM’s PEP (Performance Enhancement Program) FW 3.10 which includes some major rewrites and the addition of new features such as new scope displays, band scope waterfall, audio spectral display with waterfall and o’scope.  Additionally the server was moved from the PC into the 7800.  Now it can be run remote without a local PC.

Update now supports USB mouse, keyboard, flash/thumb drive and full either net support.

 200 watts clean and clear undistorted SSB audio, keyclick free CW with RTTY and PSK encoders and decoders on board.  The reference oscillator is the newer OCXO model calibrated to within a cycle (one Hz) via a GPS coordinated test.  Also works well when run from a PC for contesting operations, logging or whatever.  That is why Tim Duffy K3LR at DXEngineering had many in his famous multi-position contest station.

Included is the original shipping box and it’s inserts and original documentation including ICOM’s published and bound full size Service Manual.  Also the new 3.10 color printed and bound manual ICOM issued (in PDF format) when FW 3.10 came out.  That manual cost me $130 for color printing on high grade paper, coil/spiral bound with covers.  A must for the 3.10 radio.

It is in beautiful condition and of course operates per its specifications.  Rack mount handles included.  Fit and finish exudes nothing but quality.  A joy to use.

Asking $4000 delivered within 100 miles of San Jose, CA.

Why selling?  My birthday brought me a brand spanking new IC-7851.  My stimulus check only coved the sales tax!


Bob – W6OPO