I need help to escape the ire from my XYL:…She sez “Get rid of those ugly vertical antennas & off my kitchen roof!…or ELSE!”…Well, she doesn’t scare me, but the “or ELSE’ does !…And so, I need to sell the following verticals: 1. R7 Cushcraft missing the black box & ‘radials'[easy to get]. 2. Cushcraft AP8A all band vertical [still put together lying on the back deck…] 3. Butternut HF9V all band vertical, also still put together on the back deck…..Price on each of these radiating pieces of aluminum is $50 for each, or all 3 for $ 100!!!…..Come on down and get these bargains……Jerry,K6MD, 831 649 8989 or 831 917 0580