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The NCDXC was formed in 1946 and has over 200 members from all over Northern California, with most of the members residing in the 9 Bay Area counties. The NCDXC holds monthly meetings, maintains a repeater high above Silicon Valley, and provides an active on-line CHAT reflector. NCDXC member’s interest in DX is varied. Some members enjoy chasing entities for DXCC, five-band DXCC, IOTA, Grid Squares, five-band worked all zones while others chase DX on 6 meters and EME.

Members chase DX on HF, VHF, SSB, CW and digital modes. NCDXC members work DX from their mobile stations while others build elaborate stations with multiple towers. Most of us have stations on city lots with wires and small triband yagis. Some members like to participate in DX contests, while others like to visit countries to operate from the DX end of the pile-up.

If you are beginning the chase for DX entities, NCDXC members will be happy to provide help to reach your next DX goal. The Northern California DX Club offers members the opportunity to bring their DX QSL cards to a meeting so the club can forward member’s cards to the outgoing ARRL QSL bureau.  We also have several members who provide Card checking for both ARRL and CQ awards. The NCDXC holds an annual summer picnic and a Christmas holiday luncheon. Every other year, the NCDXC is the host for the annual International DX Convention (IDXC) which draws DX’ers from all over the world.

San Francisco & the Bay Bridge as seen from Coit Tower, Photo: W6AER

We also operate the W6TI repeater, pictured on the left. This repeater has a very high coverage area and used by nets as well as DX spotting, which is highly encouraged! You can find more information on this repeater on its dedicated repeater page linked above or by clicking here.

All DX’ers (NCDXC members or not) are welcome to join our reflector. To join the “CHAT” reflector, click on the MAILING LIST in the RESOURCES on the menu for more information.

New and visiting DX’ers are always welcome to attend our meetings. Meeting details are found clicking on the “MEETINGS” button on top. We welcome anyone who is interested in working DX. Full membership in the NCDXC is open to any DX’er living in the Northern California area.  Joining the Northern California DX Club is easy. Simply fill out an application, and bring it to the next meeting. We don’t require a minimum number of countries worked or confirmed to join; all we ask is that you demonstrate an interest in DX. Whatever your DX interest is, review our web site. Please consider joining our organization and/or making a donation (Please see below).

If you are a current member, you can learn more about the NCDXC by clicking on “THE DXER” on the menu, and read through our collection of newsletters from the very first issue from 1948 up to the current issue.

We look forward to your participation in the Northern California DX Club.

NCDXC Board of Directors

Please check out the current NCDXC leadership team.

Northern California DX Club - P.O. Box 2766, Cupertino, CA 95015

NCDXC How to Guide

We have created a document for NCDXC members on how to do some basic things as it relates to the club and the website. You can view this document HERE.

How to Make a Donation to NCDXC

If you would like to make a donation to NCDXC, please select the amount below as well as where you would prefer to see your donation to be used. You do not have to be a member to donate and additional donations can be paid at the same time as annual membership renewals or anytime you prefer.

The NCDXC greatly appreciates your donation!

Your Name and Call Sign will be listed on our donors page unless you prefer to remain anonymous please note this at checkout time.