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FOR SALE: Columbus Grey Line Globe – $100

Sep 17, 2021

Columbus-Verlag grey line globe model 423052-9. This was written up in ON4UN’s original 80 meter DXing book. In excellent condition. $100. Pick up or meet…. Contact: Ed – K6CTA

FOR SALE: Signal One CX7-A – $650

Sep 17, 2021

CX7-A in good condition. Full power out. As with most older equipment, it could probably use a tuneup. No dings or dents. $650. I’d rather not ship it, but I can meet you in the Bay Area. Contact: Ed – K6CTA

FOR SALE: Multiple Antennas – See Details

Sep 3, 2021

I need help to escape the ire from my XYL:…She sez “Get rid of those ugly vertical antennas & off my kitchen roof!…or ELSE!”…Well, she doesn’t scare me, but the “or ELSE’ does !…And so, I need to sell the following verticals: 1. R7 Cushcraft missing the black box & ‘radials'[easy to get]. 2. Cushcraft […]

FOR SALE: Ameritron AL-82 160 thru 10 meter amplifier – $1500

Sep 2, 2021

Ameritron AL-82 160 thru 10 meter amplifier (has WARC Bands)  This amp was a backup amp to my ACOM 2000 amps at the NX6T ham shack and seldom used in contest mode.The AL-82 employs a pair of “Instant On” 3-500Z tubes and the beefy 3.3kV Power Supply employs a Peter Dahl transformer. This amp will […]

FOR SALE: M2 6 meter antenna – $300

Sep 2, 2021

I have an M2 6 meter antenna new in the box never opened for sale for $300 model 6M7JHV. Pick up in Laton CA.  Matt K6EME

FOR SALE: Alpha 87A – $2200

Sep 2, 2021

Recently completely gone through by K0HB as perfect. Full legal limit on all bands. $2200 FIRM. Pick up or can meet you halfway. W6IJ Tommy 

FOR SALE: SteppIR Monster 40 to 10 meters – $2700

Sep 2, 2021

Item for sale: Price Dropped by $500 from $3200 to $2700  SteppIR Monster 40 to 10 meters, full size 3 elements on 40 & 30 meters, 4 elements on 20 to 10 meters, 6 elements on 6 meters. 34 foot boom, weight about 200 pounds. This antenna is on the ground being stored in a […]

FOR SALE: N6TV Y-Box 4-way Elecraft K3/K3S ACC port splitter – See Details

Sep 2, 2021

Also available, “The Y-BOX” by N6TV – 4-way Elecraft K3/K3S ACC port splitter, Elecraft Amplifier Interface, and Breakout Box. More info. at .

FOR SALE: N6TV S-Box “Serial Box” – See Details

Sep 2, 2021

For Sale by Bob, N6TV Bob Wilson, N6TV <[email protected]> New! “The Serial Box” (S-BOX and S-BOX-USB) by N6TV ([email protected]) – Combination Serial Port Splitter, ACOM / Elecraft / SPE Amplifier Interface, FSK/CW/PTT keying interface, and Breakout Box.  USB model includes internal FTDI USB-to-Serial adapter, ideal for Yaesu FTdx5000 and others.  More info. at .

FOR SALE: Various Items by Gary, K6DXX – See Details

Sep 2, 2021

FOR SALE BY GARY K6DXX * MFJ-1026 “Tunable Noise Canceling Filter”, $100. * Hunter Bandit 2000B HF linear amp. – $500. * LDG AT- !000 kw auto tuner, like new – $300. * ICOM AT – 500 auto tuner – $200. * NEW DX Engr. comtek high power balun – $100.           1 : 1, […]

FOR SALE: Kenwood TS-940S w/Internal Tuner, Filters, etc. – $600

Sep 2, 2021

For sale by NC6X is a mint condition TS-940S with internal Antenna Tuner, stock filters and power cord. Radio is in excellent cosmetic and electrical condition, and works as it should with 150 Watts transmit power. Very late serial number 9080101. Asking $600. I have a Kenwood MC-60 Desk Microphone in mint condition for an […]

FOR SALE: Alpha 9500 – $4000

Sep 2, 2021

Mint Alpha 9500 for sale.  Perfect condition.  Original owner. Non-contester.  Used only to S&P on 80/160 meters during the winter “low band season”.  All factory upgrades installed in April 2015.  VERY, very limited transmit time.   Custom dust cover.   Always covered when not in use.  Original shipping container, all accessories and paperwork included.  $4,000 […]

FOR SALE: ICOM 27A 144Mhz/2M – $95

Sep 2, 2021

xcvr–25w….with book….first $95 offer gets it….pick up or u ship—……Jerry, K6MD

FOR SALE: Tenma 72-7655 Power Supply Ac-dc 1-15v 60a 900w – $125

Sep 2, 2021

 Tenma 72-7655 Power Supply Ac-dc 1-15v 60a 900w Retail $450  Sale – $125, selling for Harry KX6C who moved away from the area. Contact: Don, AI6RE

FOR SALE: Telewave Broadband 44A VHF/UHF – $125

Sep 2, 2021

Retail for $699 . Sale – $125, selling for Harry KX6C who moved away from the area. 20-1000 MHz Directional Wattmeter From <1 to 500 watts  Contact: Don, AI6RE


Sep 2, 2021

This is a fully functioning late model Collins with the Waters Rejection Filter – a rare accessory.  The unit is exceptionally clean, no “burning” apparent and has socketed relays.  The single greatest feature is the superb receive sensitivity as detailed below.  The unit was completely tested, aligned and had all controls cleaned less than 10 […]

FOR SALE: ANAN Model 8000dle 200 watt – TBD

Sep 2, 2021

 Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range (RMDR): 116dB @ 2Khz.  Receiver Phase noise: -149dB @ 10Khz.  Image rejection: 100dB.Hardware support for 7 independent receivers assignable to either ADC.  Latest software is called Thetis.  It will run on the power SDR OpenHPSDR version also and it is open with no fees. Great pan adapter display software selectable filters  and pure signal feature.   Contact:   Lou […]

FOR SALE: ICOM IC-7600 HF/6M Transceiver – $1200

Sep 2, 2021

This rig is in very good condition.  A few light scratches in the finish on the top of the radio, but otherwise it’s very clean.  It works perfectly. I’ve worked a lot of DX with this rig.  This sale includes the following:  – IC-7600 Transceiver  – Icom Hand Mic (original)  – Icom Power Cord  – Icom Owner’s Manual  – Original Icom box  – Mini Circuits […]

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