The NCDXC has two classes of Members: Full Members and Associate Members. Full Members are voting Members, and Associate Members are non-voting members.
In order to apply for Full membership you must meet three requirements:
  1. Be a licensed amateur radio operator
  2. Live in California north of latitude 35, Bakersfield North
  3. Have an interest in DX
Full NCDXC membership confers all rights and privileges. Your application will be read at the next club meeting, followed by a vote of the members attending.

In order to apply for Associate membership you must:

  1. Be a licensed amateur radio operator
  2. Have an interest in DX.

We also offer a Life Membership for those who have been members for at least 3 years, in good standing. Conditional upon being voted on by the membership. Cost varies by age at the time of application. Please see the NCDXC Procedures Manual, page 8 for details. This can be found in the members only area.

NCDXC Membership Application

Print a copy of the form and bring it to a meeting or scan it and email it to [email protected]. You can pre-pay your membership using the options below.

NCDXC Membership Application

NCDXC Mailing Address: 

Northern California DX Club
Dues and New Member Fees
P.O. Box 2766
Cupertino, CA

Online payments are now accepted for new & renewal memberships and ordering badges.  You can pay via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, or your existing PayPal Account!

New Regular Membership
Also must complete and mail
Membership Application Form

Live in California Bakersfield North / $24 Annually
Associate Membership
Also must complete and mail
Membership Application Form

Located Anywhere Else / $16 Annually
Order Review & Checkout

Optional NCDXC Club Badge
Cost is $18.00
Choose Type Of Fastener
First Name, City, State


Name badges are produced by The Signman of Baton Rouge and will be mailed directly to your home via First Class mail.