For those renewing: Please follow the instructions provided by the treasurer ([email protected]) and contact us with questions or concerns or if you have not received a renewal notice. To Update your information please update your roster info HERE. You can do this part anytime there is a change.

Regular Membership Renewal
(Must be current/active, non-expired member) / $24 Annually
Family Membership Renewal
$15 Annually
Member Callsign
Family Member Callsign
Associate Member Renewal
$16 Annually
Order Review & Checkout

Optional NCDXC Club Badge
Cost is $18.00
Choose Type Of Fastener
First Name, City, State

Name badges are produced by The Signman of Baton Rouge and will be mailed directly to your home via First Class mail.

Optional Donation to NCDXC

If you would like to make a donation to NCDXC, please select the amount below as well as where you would prefer to see your donation to be used. You do not have to be a member to donate and additional donations can be paid at the same time as annual membership renewals or anytime you prefer.

Donation Amount

Your Name and Call Sign will be listed on our donors page unless you prefer to remain anonymous please note this at checkout time.