Here is a complete list of all NCDXC Past Officers and Volunteers. We appreciate all of their time and service! This page exists in order to recognize that and show our appreciation. A very big thank you to Ross Forbes, K6GFJ for historical knowledge and excellent memory which was crucial in compiling all of this information! We are talking over 1000 line items here!

We are hoping to keep this list updated regularly and if you find something you feel should be added, please don't hesitate to let us know.

NOTE: The List is sortable and searchable, please feel free to give it a try. You can also obtain the master document in the members only area.


YearTitleName & Call
2023-2024PresidentArt Rizzi, N6MFT
2023-2024Vice PresidentJohn Eisenberg, K6YP
2023-2024SecretaryRoss Forbes, K6GFJ
2023-2024TreasurerFrank Kibbish, N6OI
2023-2024Past-PresidentTony Dowler, K6BV
2023-2024DirectorBob Lanning, W6OPO
2023-2024DirectorRobert Chortek, AA6VB
2023-2024DirectorLyle Meek, W6WF
2023-2024DirectorSteve Dyer, W1SRD
2023-2024Social Media ManagerFrank Kibbish, N6OI
2023-2024Dxer EditorGabriel Blaj, AJ6X
2023-2024Dxer EditorArt Rizzi, N6MFT
2023-2024WebmasterLucas Ford, W6AER
2022-2023PresidentTony Dowler, K6BV
2022-2023Vice PresidentVacant
2022-2023SecretaryFrank Kibbish, N6OI
2022-2023TreasurerJim Sansoterra, K8JRK
2022-2023Past-PresidentArt Rizzi, N6MFT
2022-2023DirectorJohn Notor, KM6TUX
2022-2023DirectorRichard Clare, WB6EWM
2022-2023DirectorJohn Eisenberg, K6YP
2022-2023DirectorDavid Grybos, KK6US
2022-2023Social Media ManagerVacant
2022-2023Dxer EditorGabriel Blaj, AJ6X
2022-2023Dxer EditorArt Rizzi, N6MFT
2022-2023WebmasterLucas Ford, W6AER
2021-2022PresidentTony Dowler, K6BV
2021-2022Vice PresidentMike Flowers, K6MKF
2021-2022SecretaryLucas Ford, W6AER
2021-2022TreasurerJim Sansoterra, K8JRK
2021-2022Past-PresidentArt Rizzi, N6MFT
2021-2022DirectorFrank Kibbish, N6OI
2021-2022DirectorRichard Clare, WB6EWM
2021-2022DirectorEd Landesman, K6DMZ
2021-2022DirectorDavid Grybos, KK6US
2021-2022Social Media ManagerFrank Kibbish, N6OI
2021-2022Social Media ManagerLucas Ford, W6AER
2021-2022Dxer EditorGabriel Blaj, AJ6X
2021-2022Dxer EditorArt Rizzi, N6MFT
2021-2022WebmasterLucas Ford, W6AER
2020-2021PresidentArt Rizzi, N6MFT
2020-2021Vice PresidentPaul Booth, W6IBU
2020-2021SecretaryMike Flowers, K6MKF
2020-2021TreasurerJim Sansoterra, K8JRK
2020-2021Past-PresidentTony Dowler, K6BV
2020-2021DirectorBob Lanning, W6OPO
2020-2021DirectorFrank Kibbish, N6OI
2020-2021DirectorClay Couger, N5YJZ
2020-2021DirectorBrian Davis, NT6F
2020-2021Social Media ManagerFrank Kibbish, N6OI
2020-2021Social Media ManagerLucas Ford, W6AER
2020-2021Dxer EditorArt Rizzi, N6MFT
2020-2021WebmasterLucas Ford, W6AER
2019-2020PresidentArt Rizzi, N6MFT
2019-2020Vice PresidentPaul Booth, W6IBU
2019-2020SecretaryMike Flowers, K6MKF
2019-2020TreasurerJim Sansoterra, K8JRK
2019-2020Past-PresidentTony Dowler, K6BV
2019-2020DirectorBob Lanning, W6OPO
2019-2020DirectorFrank Kibbish, N6OI
2019-2020DirectorClay Couger, N5YJZ
2019-2020DirectorBrian Davis, NT6F
2019-2020Dxer EditorArt Rizzi, N6MFT
2019-2020WebmasterLucas Ford, W6AER
2018-2019PresidentTony Dowler, K6BV
2018-2019Vice PresidentDon Anastasia, AA6W
2018-2019SecretaryArt Rizzi, N6MFT
2018-2019TreasurerBob Lanning, W6OPO
2018-2019Past-PresidentRoss Forbes, K6GFJ
2018-2019DirectorFrank Kibbish, N6OI
2018-2019DirectorJohn Eisenberg, K6YP
2018-2019DirectorLucas Ford, W6AER
2018-2019DirectorMike Flowers, K6MKF
2018-2019Dxer EditorArt Rizzi, N6MFT
2018-2019WebmasterLucas Ford, W6AER
2018-2019WebmasterJohn Miller, K6MM
2017-2018PresidentTony Dowler, K6BV
2017-2018Vice PresidentLucas Ford, W6AER
2017-2018SecretaryArt Rizzi, N6MFT
2017-2018TreasurerBob Lanning, W6OPO
2017-2018Past-PresidentRoss Forbes, K6GFJ
2017-2018DirectorRichard Clare, WB6EWM
2017-2018DirectorJohn Eisenberg, K6YP
2017-2018DirectorJim Sansoterra, K8JRK
2017-2018DirectorMike Flowers, K6MKF
2017-2018Dxer EditorArt Rizzi, N6MFT
2017-2018WebmasterJohn Miller, K6MM
2016-2017PresidentRoss Forbes, K6GFJ
2016-2017Vice PresidentTony Dowler, K6BV
2016-2017SecretaryArt Rizzi, N6MFT
2016-2017TreasurerBob Lanning, W6OPO
2016-2017Past-PresidentMike Flowers, K6MKF
2016-2017DirectorLucas Ford, W6AER
2016-2017DirectorJohn Eisenberg, K6YP
2016-2017DirectorJim Sansoterra, K8JRK
2016-2017DirectorRich Seifert, KE1B
2016-2017Dxer EditorArt Rizzi, N6MFT
2016-2017WebmasterJohn Miller, K6MM
2015-2016PresidentMike Flowers, K6MKF
2015-2016Vice PresidentTony Dowler, K6BV
2015-2016SecretarySheryl Harkleroad, WW6G
2015-2016SecretaryDick Letrich, W6KM
2015-2016TreasurerBob Lanning, W6OPO
2015-2016Past-PresidentRoss Forbes, K6GFJ
2015-2016DirectorJohn Miller, K6MM
2015-2016DirectorRob LaNoce, AG6RK
2015-2016DirectorJim Sansoterra, K8JRK
2015-2016DirectorRich Seifert, KE1B
2015-2016Dxer EditorPhil Verinsky, W6PK
2015-2016WebmasterJohn Miller, K6MM
2014-2015PresidentMike Flowers, K6MKF
2014-2015Vice PresidentRob LaNoce, AG6RK
2014-2015SecretarySheryl Harkleroad, WW6G
2014-2015SecretaryDick Letrich, W6KM
2014-2015TreasurerDon Ferguson, AI6RE
2014-2015Past-PresidentRoss Forbes, K6GFJ
2014-2015DirectorJohn Miller, K6MM
2014-2015DirectorTony Dowler, K6BV
2014-2015DirectorBob Lanning, W6OPO
2014-2015DirectorGeorge Williams, N6NKT
2014-2015Dxer EditorPhil Verinsky, W6PK
2014-2015WebmasterJohn Miller, K6MM
November 2013 - June 2014PresidentJim Sansoterra, K8JRK
November 2013 - June 2014Vice PresidentJohn Miller, K6MM
November 2013 - June 2014SecretaryMike Flowers, K6MKF
November 2013 - June 2014TreasurerBob Lanning, W6OPO
November 2013 - June 2014Past-PresidentRuss Bentson, K6KLY
November 2013 - June 2014DirectorGeorge Williams, N6NKT
November 2013 - June 2014DirectorTony Dowler, K6BV
November 2013 - June 2014DirectorAndreas Junge, N6NU
November 2013 - June 2014DirectorPhile Verinsky, W6PK
November 2013 - June 2014Dxer EditorPhil Verinsky, W6PK
November 2013 - June 2014WebmasterJohn Miller, K6MM
July 2013 - November 2013PresidentRoss Forbes, K6GFJ
July 2013 - November 2013Vice PresidentJim Sansoterra, K8JRK
July 2013 - November 2013SecretaryBill Smith, N6BM
July 2013 - November 2013TreasurerBob Lanning, W6OPO
July 2013 - November 2013Past-PresidentRuss Bentson, K6KLY
July 2013 - November 2013DirectorJohn Miller, K6MM
July 2013 - November 2013DirectorPaul Ewing, N6PSE 
July 2013 - November 2013DirectorMike Flowers, K6MKF
July 2013 - November 2013DirectorPhile Verinsky, W6PK
July 2013 - November 2013Dxer EditorPhil Verinsky, W6PK
July 2013 - November 2013WebmasterJohn Miller, K6MM
2012-2013PresidentRuss Bentson, K6KLY
2012-2013Vice PresidentMike Flowers, K6MKF
2012-2013SecretaryBill Smith, N6BM
2012-2013TreasurerBob Lanning, W6OPO
2012-2013Past-PresidentDick Crouch, N6RC
2012-2013DirectorJohn Miller, K6MM
2012-2013DirectorPaul Ewing, N6PSE
2012-2013DirectorDick Letrich, W6KM
2012-2013DirectorPhile Verinsky, W6PK
2012-2013Dxer EditorPhil Verinsky, W6PK
2012-2013WebmasterJohn Miller, K6MM
2011-2012PresidentRuss Bentson, K6KLY
2011-2012Vice PresidentSteve Jones, N6SJ
2011-2012SecretaryJohn Eisenberg, K6YP
2011-2012TreasurerBob Lanning, W6OPO
2011-2012DirectorCraig Bradley, AE6RR (Past President)
2011-2012DirectorPaul Ewing, N6PSE
2011-2012DirectorRuss Forbes, K6GFJ
2011-2012DirectorPeter Grabosky, W6OOL
2011-2012DXer EditorPhil Verinsky, W6PK
2011-2012WebmasterJohn Miller, K6MM
2010-2011PresidentRichard Crouch, N6RC
2010-2011Vice PresidentPhil Steffora, K6TT
2010-2011SecretaryJohn Eisenberg, K6YP
2010-2011TreasurerBob Lanning, W6OPO
2010-2011DirectorsCraig Bradley, AE6RR (Past President)
2010-2011DirectorsRuss Bentson, K6KLY
2010-2011DirectorsSteve Jones, N6SJ
2010-2011DirectorsPeter Grabosky, W6OOL
2010-2011DirectorsRisto Kotalampi, W6RK
2010-2011DXer EditorPhil Verinsky, W6PK
2010-2011WebmasterPhil Steffora, K6TT
2010-2011Web HostingRisto Kotalampi, W6RK
2010-2011Database AdminRisto Kotalampi, W6RK
2009-2010PresidentCraig Bradley, AE6RR
2009-2010Vice PresidentPhil Steffora, K6TT
2009-2010SecretaryRuss Bentson, K6KLY
2009-2010TreasurerJose Picazo, WT6X
2009-2010Ex OfficioRisto Kotalampi, W6RK
2009-2010DirectorsJim Abraham, W6EB
2009-2010DirectorsSteve Jones, N6SJ
2009-2010DirectorsJohn Eisenberg, K6YP
2009-2010DXer EditorPhil Steffora, K6TT
2009-2010WebmasterPhil Steffora, K6TT
2009-2010Database AdminRisto Kotalampi, W6RK
2008-2009PresidentCraig Bradley, AE6RR
2008-2009Vice PresidentRisto Kotalampi, W6RK
2008-2009SecretaryRuss Bentson, K6KLY
2008-2009TreasurerJose Picazo, WT6X
2008-2009DirectorsJim Abraham, W6EB
2008-2009DirectorsSteve Jones, N6SJ
2008-2009DirectorsJohn Eisenberg, K6YP
2008-2009Ex Officio, DXer EditorPhil Steffora, K6TT
2008-2009WebmasterPhil Steffora, K6TT
2008-2009Database AdminRisto Kotalampi, W6RK
2007-2008PresidentJohn Eisenberg, K6YP
2007-2008Vice PresidentRisto Kotalampi, W6RK
2007-2008SecretaryCraig Bradley, AE6RR
2007-2008TreasurerSteve Jones, N6SJ
2007-2008DirectorCurt Kolovson, W6RQ
2007-2008DirectorJim Abraham, W6EB
2007-2008DirectorDewey Churchill, KG6AM
2007-2008ExOfficio & DXer EditorPhil Steffora, K6TT
2007-2008WebmasterRisto Kotalampi, W6RK
2006-2007PresidentJohn Eisenberg, K6YP
2006-2007Vice PresidentRisto Kotalampi, W6RK
2006-2007SecretaryMike Gavin, W6WZ
2006-2007TreasurerSteve Jones, N6SJ
2006-2007DirectorCurt Kolovson, W6RQ
2006-2007DirectorJim Abraham, W6EB
2006-2007DirectorDewey Churchill, KG6AM
2006-2007Exofficio DirectorCarolyn Gavin, WB6ABC
2006-2007DXer EditorCarolyn Gavin, WB6ABC
2005 SeptemberPresidentDewey Churchill, KG6AM
2005 SeptemberVice PresidentJohn Eisenberg, K6YP
2005 SeptemberSecretaryMike Gavin, W6WZ
2005 SeptemberTreasurerSteve Jones, N6SJ
2005 SeptemberDirectorRon Panton, W6VG
2005 SeptemberDirectorCharles Patterson, K6RK
2005 SeptemberDirectorDoug Westover, W6JD
2005 SeptemberDXer EditorCarolyn Gavin, WB6ABC
2005 FebruaryPresidentDewey Churchill, KG6AM
2005 FebruaryVice PresidentJohn Eisenberg, K6YP
2005 FebruarySecretaryMike Gavin, W6WZ
2005 FebruaryTreasurerSteve Jones, N6SJ 
2005 FebruaryDirectorsMitch Ciprano, AE6AI
2005 FebruaryDirectorKeith Butts, KN6K
2005 FebruaryDirectorRon Panton, W6VG
2005 FebruaryDXer EditorCarolyn Gavin, WB6ABC
2004-2005PresidentDewey Churchill, KG6AM
2004-2005Vice PresidentJohn Eisenberg, K6YP
2004-2005SecretaryMike Gavin, W6WZ
2004-2005TreasurerSteve Jones, N6SJ
2004-2005DirectorDoug Westover, W6JD
2004-2005DirectorCharles Patterson, K6RK
2004-2005DirectorRon Panton, W6VG
2004-2005DXer EditorDick Letrich, W6KM
2004-2005DXer EditorGeorge Allan, W6YD
2004 FebruaryPresidentDoug Westover, W6JD
2004 FebruaryVice PresidentCharles Patterson, K6RK
2004 FebruarySecretaryRon Panton, W6VG
2004 FebruaryTreasurerDewey Churchill, KG6AM
2004 FebruaryDirectorKeith Butts, KN6K
2004 FebruaryDirectorGeorge Allan, W6YD
2004 FebruaryDirectorRalph Stoddard, W6TWO
2004 FebruaryDXer EditorGeorge Allan, W6YD
2003 SeptemberPresidentDoug Westover, W6JD
2003 SeptemberVice PresidentCharles Patterson, K6RK
2003 SeptemberSecretaryMike Gavin, W6WZ
2003 SeptemberTreasurerDewey Churchill, KG6AM
2003 SeptemberDirectorRon Panton, W6VG
2003 SeptemberDirectorKeith Butts, KN6K
2003 SeptemberDirectorMitch Ciprano, AE6AI
2003 SeptemberDXer EditorGeorge Allan, W6YD
2003 FebruaryPresidentCharles Patterson, K6RK
2003 FebruaryVice PresidentGerry Griffin K6MD
2003 FebruarySecretaryRon Panton, W6VG
2003 FebruaryTreasurerBen Dovlet W6FDU
2003 FebruaryDirectorRalph Stoddard, W6TWO
2003 FebruaryDirectorDick Letrich, W6KM
2003 FebruaryDirectorBud Bane W6WB
2003 FebruaryDXer EditorGeorge Allan, W6YD
2002 OctoberPresidentDoug Westover, W6JD
2002 OctoberVice PresidentCharles Patterson, K6RK
2002 OctoberSecretaryRon Panton, W6VG
2002 OctoberTreasurerDewey Churchill, KG6AM
2002 OctoberDirectorGeorge Allan, W6YD
2002 OctoberDirectorRalph Stoddard, W6TWO
2002 OctoberDirectorVacant
2002 OctoberDXer EditorGeorge Allan, W6YD
2002 FebruaryPresidentCharles Patterson, K6RK
2002 FebruaryVice PresidentGerry Griffin K6MD
2002 FebruarySecretaryRon Panton, W6VG
2002 FebruaryTreasurerWilliam Maurer WB6JJJ
2002 FebruaryDirectorDick Letrich, W6KM
2002 FebruaryDirectorBud Bane W6WB
2002 FebruaryDirectorRalph Stoddard, W6TWO
2002 FebruaryDXer EditorGeorge Allan, W6YD
2001 OctoberPresidentCharles Patterson, K6RK
2001 OctoberVice PresidentDon Anastasia AA6W
2001 OctoberSecretaryKeith Butts, KN6K
2001 OctoberTreasurerWilliam Maurer WB6JJJ
2001 OctoberDirectorDick Letrich, W6KM
2001 OctoberDirectorBud Bane W6WB
2001 OctoberDirectorRalph Stoddard, W6TWO
2001 OctoberDXer EditorGeorge Allan, W6YD
2001 FebruaryPresidentDick Letrich, W6KM
2001 FebruaryVice PresidentCharles Patterson, K6RK
2001 FebruarySecretaryKeith Butts, KN6K
2001 FebruaryTreasurerWilliam Maurer WB6JJJ
2001 FebruaryDirectorDick Letrich, W6KM
2001 FebruaryDirectorBud Bane, W6WB
2001 FebruaryDirectorRolf Stoddard, W6TWO
2001 FebruaryDXer EditorGeorge Allan, W6YD
2000 SeptemberPresidentCharles Patterson, K6RK
2000 SeptemberVice PresidentKeith Butts, KN6K
2000 SeptemberSecretaryRW Fontes, W6TEX
2000 SeptemberTreasurerWilliam Maurer, WB6JJJ
2000 SeptemberDirectorDick Letrich, W6KM
2000 SeptemberDirectorRolf Stoddard, W6TWO
2000 SeptemberDirectorBud Bane, W6WB
2000 SeptemberDXer EditorGeorge Allan. W6YD
2000 FebruaryPresidentDick Letrich, W6KM
2000 FebruaryVice PresidentCharles Patterson, K6RK
2000 FebruarySecretaryRW Fontes, W6TEX
2000 FebruaryTreasurerWilliam Maurer WB6JJJ
2000 FebruaryDirectorMarilyn Bagshaw, N6VAW
2000 FebruaryDirectorRon Patten, W6VG
2000 FebruaryDirectorDon Anastasia, AA6W
2000 FebruaryDXer EditorGeorge Allan. W6YD
1999 JanuaryPresidentDick Letrich, W6KM
1999 JanuaryVice PresidentMarilyn Bagshaw, N6VAW
1999 JanuarySecretaryJerry Bliss, K6III
1999 JanuaryTreasurerTed Park, K6XN
1999 JanuaryDirectorCharles Patterson, K6RK
1999 JanuaryDirectorChuck Vaughn, AA6G
1999 JanuaryDirectorRon Patten, W6VG
1999 JanuaryDXer EditorDon Anastasia, AA6W
1999 JanuaryDXer EditorDick Letrich, W6KM
1998PresidentDoug Westover, W6JD
1998Vice PresidentMarilyn Bagshaw, N6VAW
1998SecretaryJerry Bliss, K6III
1998TreasurerTed Park, K6XN
1998DirectorDick Letrich, W6KM
1998DirectorChuck Vaughn, AA6G
1998DirectorDave Earnest, K7JJ
1998DXer EditorDave Earnest, K7JJ
1998DXer EditorDon Anastasia, AA6W
1998DXer EditorAA6YQ
1997 JulyPresidentDoug Westover, W6JD
1997 JulyVice PresidentMarilyn Bagshaw, N6VAW
1997 JulySecretaryJerry Bliss, K6III
1997 JulyTreasurerTed Park, K6XN
1997 JulyDirectorDick Letrich, W6KM
1997 JulyDirectorChuck Vaughn, AA6G
1997 JulyDirectorDave Earnest, K7JJ
1997 JulyDXer EditorDave Berstein, AA6YQ
1997 JulyDXer EditorDave Earnest, K7JJ
1997 JulyDXer EditorDon Anastasia, AA6W
1997 JanuaryPresidentTed Algren, KA6W
1997 JanuaryVice PresidentDoug Westover, W6JD
1997 JanuarySecretaryPeter Gebra, KN6BI
1997 JanuaryTreasurerGordon Girton, W6NW
1997 JanuaryDirectorEric Swartz, WA6HHQ
1997 JanuaryDirectorLloyd Cabral, AA6T
1997 JanuaryDirectorAl Burnham, K6RIM
1997 JanuaryDXer EditorDon Bertivich, KO6GI
1997 JanuaryDXer EditorDave Bernstein, AA6YQ
1997 JanuaryDXer EditorGarry Shapiro, NI6T
1996 FebruaryPresidentAl Burnham, K6RIM
1996 FebruaryVice PresidentGlenn Vinson, W6OTC
1996 FebruarySecretaryLloyd Cabral, AA6T
1996 FebruaryTreasurerStan Goldstein, N6ULU
1996 FebruaryDirectorEric Swartz, WA6HHQ
1996 FebruaryDirectorRich Chatelain, AB6Z
1996 FebruaryDirectorJim Knockeneor, K6ITL
1996 FebruaryDXer EditorGarry Shapiro, NI6T
1996 SeptemberPresidentTed Algren, KA6W
1996 SeptemberVice PresidentDoug Westover, W6JD
1996 SeptemberSecretaryPeter Gebra, KN6BI
1996 SeptemberTreasurerGordon Girton, W6NLG
1996 SeptemberDirectorEric Swartz, WA6HHQ
1996 SeptemberDirectorAl Burnham, W4RIM
1996 SeptemberDirectorLloyd Cabral, AA6T
1996 SeptemberDXer EditorGarry Shapiro, NI6T
1995 JulyPresidentAl Burnham, W4RIM
1995 JulyVice PresidentGlenn Vinson, W6OTC
1995 JulySecretaryLloyd Cabral, AA6T
1995 JulyTreasurerStan Goldstein, N6ULU
1995 JulyDirectorRich Chatelain, AB6Z
1995 JulyDirectorEric Swartz, WA6HHQ
1995 JulyDirectorJim Knockeneor, K6ITL
1995 JulyDXer EditorHal Godfrey, N6AN
1995 JulyDXer EditorJim Knockeneor, K6ITL
1995 JulyDXer EditorRon Patten, W6VG
1995 JulyDXer EditorLarry Bloom, KD6XY
1995 JulyDXer EditorKD6X (1995 August)
1995 JulyDXer EditorRon Patten, W6VG (1995 August)
1995 JulyDXer EditorGarry Shapiro, NI6T (1995 August)
1993-1994PresidentJim Knockeneor, K6ITL
1993-1994Vice PresidentGeroge Allen, WA6O
1993-1994SecretaryEric Edberg, W6DU
1993-1994TreasurerRobert Wilson, NQ6X
1993-1994DirectorAlan Koblinksi, W7XA
1993-1994DirectorGerry Griffen, W8MEP
1993-1994DirectorStan Goldstein, N6ULU
1993-1994DXer EditorGarry Shapiro, NI6T
1993-1994DXer EditorRon Patten, W6VG
1993-1994DXer EditorLarry Bloom, KD6XY
1993 JulyPresidentGeroge Allen, WA6O
1993 JulyVice PresidentGarry Shapiro, NI6T
1993 JulySecretaryCraig Smith, N6ITW
1993 JulyTreasurerDewey Churchill, KG6AM
1993 JulyDirectorLouise Bloom, KA6ING
1993 JulyDirectorJim Knockeneor, K6ITL
1993 JulyDirectorBob Artigo, KN6J
1993 JulyDXer EditorDave Barton, AF6S
1993 JulyDXer EditorRon Patten, W6VG
1993 JulyDXer EditorLarry Bloom, KD6XY
1993 JulyDXer EditorJohn Cronin, K6LLK
1993 JulyDXer EditorGarry Shapiro, NI6T (November)
1993 JulyDXer EditorRon Patton, W6VG (November)
1993 JulyDXer EditorLarry Bloom, KD6XY (November)
1992PresidentBob Artigo, KN6J
1992Vice PresidentGeroge Allen, WA6O
1992SecretaryGarry Shapiro, NI6T
1992TreasurerMelissa Thomas, AA6TD
1992DirectorDewey Chrchill, KG6AM
1992DirectorRalph Hunt, AG6Q
1992DirectorRW Fontes, W6TEX
1992DXer EditorDave Barton, AF6S
1992DXer EditorLarry Bloom, KD6XY
1992DXer EditorJohn Cronin, K6LLK
1992DXer EditorRon Patten, W6VG
1991PresidentRW Fontes, W6TEX
1991Vice PresidentBob Artigo, KN6J
1991SecretaryStan Kuhl, K6MA
1991TreasurerRobert Wilson, NQ6X
1991DirectorRon Rasmussen, KG6X
1991DirectorEric Edberg, W6DU
1991DirectorGeroge Allen, WA6O
1991DXer EditorDoug Beck, K6ZX
1991DXer EditorRon Patten, W6VG
1991DXer EditorLarry Bloom, KD6XY
1991DXer EditorJohn Cronin, K6LLK
1991DXer EditorDave Barton, AF6S (August)
1991DXer EditorLarry Bloom, KD6XY (August)
1991DXer EditorRon Patten, W6VG (August)
1991DXer EditorJohn Cronin, K6LLK (August)
1990 JulyPresidentRon Rasmussen, NG6X
1990 JulyVice PresidentRW Fontes, W6TEX
1990 JulySecretaryStan Kuhl, K6MA
1990 JulyTreasurerRobert Wilson, NQ6X
1990 JulyDirectorMorris Brown, N6DJM
1990 JulyDirectorLarry Suura, KG6GF
1990 JulyDirectorChuck Vaughn, AA6G
1990 JulyDXer EditorDoug Beck, K6ZX
1990 JulyDXer EditorRon Patten, W6VG
1990 JulyDXer EditorLarry Bloom, KD6XY
1990 JulyDXer EditorMartin Oppenhelmer, KB6BW
1990 JanuaryPresidentRusty Epps, W6OAT
1990 JanuaryVice PresidentLarry Suura, KG6GF
1990 JanuarySecretaryDave Barton, AF6S
1990 JanuaryTreasurerStan Kuhl, K6MA
1990 JanuaryDirectorGerry Griffen, W8MEP
1990 JanuaryDirectorChuck Vaughn, AA6G
1990 JanuaryDirectorJohn Cronin, K6LLK
1990 JanuaryDXer EditorBob Dorsey, K4UVT
1990 JanuaryDXer EditorRon Patten, W6VG
1990 JanuaryDXer EditorLarry Bloom, KD6XY
1990 JanuaryDXer EditorMartin Oppenhelmer, KB6BW
1989 DecemberPresidentRusty Epps, W6OAT
1989 DecemberVice PresidentLarry Suura, KG6GF
1989 DecemberSecretaryDave Barton, AF6S
1989 DecemberTreasurerStan Kuhl, K6MA
1989 DecemberDirectorGerry Griffen, W8MEP
1989 DecemberDirectorChuck Vaughn, AA6G
1989 DecemberDirectorJohn Cronin, K6LLK
1989 DecemberDXer EditorDave Engle, KE6ZE
1989 DecemberDXer EditorRon Patten, W6VG
1989 DecemberDXer EditorLarry Bloom, KD6XY
1989 DecemberDXer EditorMartin Oppenhelmer, KB6BW
1988 AugustPresidentGerry Griffin, W8MEP
1988 AugustVice PresidentLarry Suura, KG6GF (October)
1988 AugustSecretaryTom Jones, K6TS
1988 AugustTreasurerStan Kuhl, K6MA
1988 AugustDirectorTed Algren, KA6W
1988 AugustDirectorHal Godfrey, N6AN
1988 AugustDirectorCharles Patterson, K6RK
1988 AugustDXer EditorDave Engle, KE6ZE
1988 AugustDXer EditorGeroge Allen, WA6O
1988 AugustDXer EditorHal Godfrey, N6AN
1988 AugustDXer EditorJim Hicks, KK6X
1988 AugustDXer EditorMartin Oppenhelmer, KB6BW
1988 AugustDXer EditorRon Patten, W6VG
1988 JulyPresidentTed Algren, KA6W
1988 JulyVice PresidentJim Knockeneor, K6ITL
1988 JulySecretaryRogert Gerhart, W6PKB
1988 JulyTreasurerFrank Holst, W6ZKM
1988 JulyDirectorLou Beaudet, K6TMB
1988 JulyDirectorRon Patten, W6VG
1988 JulyDirectorChuck Vaughn, AA6G
1988 JulyDXer EditorGeorge Allen, WA6O
1988 JulyDXer EditorHal Godfrey, N6AN
1988 JulyDXer EditorRon Patten, W6VG
1988 JulyDXer EditorDave Hilman, N6AUS
1988 JulyDXer EditorJim Maxwell, W6CF
1988 JulyDXer EditorJim Hicks, KK6X
1987 JulyPresidentTed Algren, KA6W
1987 JulyVice PresidentRich Stemien, WA9WYB
1987 JulySecretaryRogert Gerhart, W6PKB
1987 JulyTreasurerFrank Holst, W6ZKM
1987 JulyDirectorLou Beaudet, K6TMB
1987 JulyDirectorJim Knockeneor, K6ITL
1987 JulyDirectorRon Patten, W6VG
1987 JulyDXer EditorGeroge Allen, WA6O
1987 JulyDXer EditorJim Hicks, KK6X
1987 JulyDXer EditorJim Maxwell, W6CF
1987 JulyDXer EditorRon Patten, W6VG
1987 JulyDXer EditorHal Godfrey, N6AN
1987 JulyDXer EditorDave Hilman, N6AUS
1986 SeptemberPresidentLou Beaudet, K6TMB
1986 SeptemberVice PresidentTed Algren, KA6W
1986 SeptemberSecretaryRon Patten, W6VG
1986 SeptemberTreasurerJim Knockeneor, K6ITL
1986 SeptemberDirectorHal Godfrey, N6AN
1986 SeptemberDirectorKip Edwards, W6SZN
1986 SeptemberDirectorRW Fontes, W6TEX
1986 SeptemberDXer EditorGeroge Allen, WA6O
1986 SeptemberDXer EditorJim Hicks, KK6X
1986 SeptemberDXer EditorJim Maxwell, W6CF
1986 SeptemberDXer EditorDave Hilman, N6AUS
1986 SeptemberDXer EditorRon Patten, W6VG
1986 SeptemberDXer EditorHal Godfrey, N6AN
1986 JulyPresidentLou Beaudet, K6TMB
1986 JulyVice PresidentTed Algren, KA6W
1986 JulySecretaryRon Patten, W6VG
1986 JulyTreasurerJim Knockeneor, K6ITL
1986 JulyDirectorHal Godfrey, N6AN
1986 JulyDirectorKip Edwards, W6SZN
1986 JulyDirectorRW Fontes, W6TEX
1986 JulyDXer EditorGeroge Allen, WA6O
1986 JulyDXer EditorHal Godfrey, N6AN
1986 JulyDXer EditorJim Hicks, KK6X
1986 JulyDXer EditorDave Hilman, N6AUS
1986 JulyDXer EditorDick Letrich, WB6WKM
1986 JanuaryPresidentKip Edwards, W6SZN
1986 JanuaryVice PresidentSmitty Smithwick, W6JZU
1986 JanuarySecretaryRon Patten, W6VG
1986 JanuaryTreasurerJim Knockenhauer, K6ITL
1986 JanuaryDirectorTed Algren, KA6W
1986 JanuaryDirectorLou Beaudet, K6TMB
1986 JanuaryDirectorLeonard Geraldi, K6ANP
1986 JanuaryDXer EditorHal Godfrey, N6AN
1986 JanuaryDXer EditorGeroge Allen, WA6O
1986 JanuaryDXer EditorJim Hicks, KK6X
1986 JanuaryDXer EditorDick Letrich, WB6WKM
1986 JanuaryDXer EditorDave hilman, N6AUS
1985PresidentLeonard Geraldi, K6ANP
1985Vice PresidentLou Beaudet, K6TMB
1985SecretaryDick Letrich, WB6WKM
1985TreasurerLyle Meek, N6BLN
1985DirectorCharles Patterson, K6RK
1985DirectorBob Thompson, K6SSJ
1985DirectorPeter Graboski, WB6OOL
1985DXer EditorLyle Meek, N6BLN
1985DXer EditorLeonard Geraldi, K6ANP
1985DXer EditorRon Pipes, WB6NBR
1985DXer EditorJim Hicks, KK6X
1985DXer EditorJim Hanton, KM6N
1984PresidentLeonard Geraldi, K6ANP
1984Vice PresidentLou Beaudet, K6TMB
1984SecretaryDick Letrich, WB6WKM
1984TreasurerLyle Meek, N6BLN
1984DirectorBob Thompson, K6SSJ
1984DirectorCharles Patterson, K6RK
1984DirectorPeter Graboski, WB6OOL
1984DXer EditorLyle Meek, N6BLN
1984DXer EditorLeonard Geraldi, K6ANP
1984DXer EditorRon Pipes, WB6NBR
1984DXer EditorJim Hicks, KK6X
1984DXer EditorJim Hanton, KM6N
1983 AugustPresidentCharles Patterson, K6RK
1983 AugustVice PresidentLou Beaudet, K6TMB
1983 AugustSecretaryJosephine Clark, WB6ZUC
1983 AugustTreasurerDick Letrich, WB6WKM
1983 AugustDirectorMerle Parten, K6DC
1983 AugustDirectorStan Kaisel, K6UD
1983 AugustDirectorJay O'Bren, W6GO
1983 AugustDXer EditorLyles Meek, N6BLN
1983 AugustDXer EditorLeonard Geraldi, K6ANP
1983 AugustDXer EditorRon Pipes, WB6NBR
1983 AugustDXer EditorJim Hicks, KK6X
1983 AugustDXer EditorJim Hanton, KM6N
1983 FebruaryPresidentEric Edberg, W6DU
1983 FebruaryVice PresidentRon Patten, W6VG
1983 FebruarySecretaryJosephine Clark, WB6ZUC
1983 FebruaryTreasurerCharles Patterson, K6RK
1983 FebruaryDirectorMerle Parten, K6DC
1983 FebruaryDirectorDave Leeson, W6QHS
1983 FebruaryDirectorBill Zachman, W6TPH
1983 FebruaryDXer EditorLyle Meek, N6BLN
1983 FebruaryDXer EditorRon Pipes, WB6NBR
1983 FebruaryDXer EditorJim Hicks, KK6X
1983 FebruaryDXer EditorLeonard Geraldi, K6ANP
1982 JulyPresidentEric Edberg, W6DU
1982 JulyVice PresidentRon Patten, W6VG
1982 JulySecretaryJosephine Clark, WB6ZUC
1982 JulyTreasurerCharles Patterson, K6RK
1982 JulyDirectorMerle Parten, K6DC
1982 JulyDirectorDave Leeson, W6QHS
1982 JulyDirectorBill Zachman, W6TPH
1982 JulyDistributionDave Hilman, N6AUS
1982 JulyDistributionJoe Dillow, W6UR
1982 JulyDistributionKen Bruce, NC6S
1982 JulyDistributionMartin Oppenhelmer, KB6BW
1982 JulyDXer EditorRod Dinkins, AC6V
1982 JulyDXer EditorCam Pierce, K6RU (October)
1982 JanuaryPresidentMerle Parten, K6DC
1982 JanuaryVice PresidentSteve Thomas, N6ST
1982 JanuarySecretaryRon Patten, W6VG
1982 JanuaryTreasurerCharles Patterson, K6RK
1982 JanuaryDirectorBruno Bienenfeld, AA6AD
1982 JanuaryDirectorDave Leeson, W6QHS
1982 JanuaryDirectorBill Zachman, W6TPH
1982 JanuaryDistributionDave Hilman, N6AUS
1982 JanuaryDistributionJoe Dillow, W6UR
1982 JanuaryDistributionKen Bruce, NC6S
1982 JanuaryDistributionMartin Oppenhelmer, KB6BW
1982 JanuaryDXer EditorRod Dinkins, AC6V
1981 DecemberPresidentMerle Parten, K6DC
1981 DecemberVice PresidentSteve Thomas, N6ST
1981 DecemberSecretaryRon Patten, W6VG
1981 DecemberTreasurerCharles Patterson, K6RK
1981 DecemberDirectorBruno Bienenfeld, AA6AD
1981 DecemberDirectorHal Godfrey, N6AN
1981 DecemberDirectorBill Zachman, W6TPH
1981 DecemberDXer EditorRod Dinkins, AC6V
1981 DecemberDXer EditorMartin Oppenhelmer, KB6BW
1981 DecemberDXer EditorKen Bruce, NC6S
1981 DecemberDXer EditorGordon Girton, W6NLG
1981 DecemberDXer EditorDave Hilman. N6AUS
1981 JulyPresidentMerle Parten, K6DC
1981 JulyVice PresidentSteve Thomas, N6ST
1981 JulySecretaryRon Patten, W6VG
1981 JulyTreasurerCharles Patterson, K6RK
1981 JulyDirectorTed Davis, W6BJH
1981 JulyDirectorHal Godfrey, N6AN
1981 JulyDirectorBill Zachman, W6TPH (August)
1981 JulyDirectorSteve Thomas, N6ST (July)
1981 JulyDXer EditorRod Dinkins, AC6V
1981 JulyDXer EditorMartin Oppenhelmer, KB6BW
1981 JulyDXer EditorKen Bruce, NC6S
1981 JulyDXer EditorGordon Girton, W6NLG
1981 JulyDXer EditorDave Hilman. N6AUS
1981 JanuaryPresidentBruno Bienenfeld, AA6AD
1981 JanuaryVice PresidentTed Park, K6XN
1981 JanuarySecretaryRon Patten, W6VG
1981 JanuaryTreasurerGene Spinelli, WD6DLK
1981 JanuaryDirectorTed Davis, W6BJH
1981 JanuaryDirectorSteve Thomas, N6ST
1981 JanuaryDirectorHal Godfrey, N6AN
1981 JanuaryDXer EditorAndy Godes, WB6RIU
1981 JanuaryDXer EditorRod Dinkins, A6CV (April)
1980PresidentBruno Bienenfeld, AA6AD
1980Vice PresidentTed Park, K6XN
1980SecretaryRon Patten, W6VG
1980TreasurerGene Spinelli, WD6DLK
1980DirectorGary Cervo, WB6EXW
1980DirectorCharles Kump, W6ZYC
1980DirectorHal Godfrey, N6AN
1980DXer EditorAndy Godes, WB6RIU
1979 JulyPresidentTed Davis, W6BJH
1979 JulyVice PresidentRon Rasmussen, K6OP
1979 JulySecretaryJoe Dillow, W6UR
1979 JulyTreasurerDave Palmer, W6PHF
1979 JulyDirectorCharles Kump, W6ZYC
1979 JulyDirectorMerle Parten, K6DC
1979 JulyDirectorHal Godfrey, N6AN
1979 JulyDXer EditorAndy Godes, WB6RIU
1979 JanuaryPresidentCharles Kump, W6ZYC
1979 JanuaryVice PresidentTed Davis, W6BJH
1979 JanuarySecretaryRon Rasmussen, K6OP
1979 JanuaryTreasurerHoward Hale, W6SC
1979 JanuaryDirectorMerle Parten, K6DC
1979 JanuaryDirectorRich Lawton, N6GG
1979 JanuaryDirectorHal Godfrey, W6EYY
1979 JanuaryDXer EditorAndy Godes, WB6RIU
1978 JulyPresidentCharles Kump, W6ZYC
1978 JulyVice PresidentTed Davis, W6BJH
1978 JulySecretaryRon Rasmussen, K6OP
1978 JulyTreasurerHoward Hale, W6SC
1978 JulyDirectorMerle Parten, K6DC
1978 JulyDirectorBob Thompson, K6SSJ
1978 JulyDirectorOrman Meyer, K6QX
1978 JulyDXer EditorAndy Godes, WB6RIU
1978 FebruaryPresidentRich Lawton, N6GG
1978 FebruaryVice PresidentJohn Browning, W6SP
1978 FebruarySecretaryPeter Graboski, WB6OOL
1978 FebruaryTreasurerMaury Harp, W6KJG
1978 FebruaryDirectorMerle Parten, K6DC
1978 FebruaryDirectorBob Thompson, K6SSJ
1978 FebruaryDirectorOrman Meyer, K6QX
1978 FebruaryDXer EditorRich Lawton, N6GG
1977 AugustPresidentRich Lawton, N6GG
1977 AugustVice PresidentJohn Browning, W6SP
1977 AugustSecretaryPeter Graboski, WB6OOL
1977 AugustTreasurerMaury Harp, W6KJG
1977 AugustDirectorOrman Meyer, K6QX
1977 AugustDirectorMerle Parten, K6DC
1977 AugustDirectorRusty Epps, W6OAT/N6SF
1977 AugustDXer EditorRich Lawton, N6GG
1977 AprilPresidentOrman Meyer, K6QX
1977 AprilVice PresidentRich Lawton, N6GG
1977 AprilSecretaryHenry Davis, K6IXS
1977 AprilTreasurerRod Deakin, WA6CVU
1977 AprilDirectorMerle Parten, K6DC
1977 AprilDirectorBill Johnson, W6MUR
1977 AprilDirectorRusty Epps, W6OAT
1977 AprilDXer EditorHenry Davis, K6IXS
1976 SeptemberPresidentOrman Meyer, K6QX
1976 SeptemberVice PresidentRich Lawton, K6QZ
1976 SeptemberSecretaryHenry Davis, K6IXS
1976 SeptemberTreasurerRod Deakin, WA6CVU
1976 SeptemberDirectorMerle Parten, K6DC
1976 SeptemberDirectorSmitty Mithwick, W6JZU
1976 SeptemberDirectorBill Johnson, W6MUR
1976 SeptemberDXer EditorHenry Davis, K6IXS
1975 OctoberPresidentBill Johnson, W6MUR
1975 OctoberVice PresidentOrman Meyer, K6QX
1975 OctoberSecretaryDave Palmer, W6PHF
1975 OctoberTreasurerHoward Hale, W6SC
1975 OctoberDirectorSmitty Smithwick, W6JZU
1975 OctoberDirectorBob Thompson, K6SSJ
1975 OctoberDXer EditorAdam Mentes, VE3DXV/W6
1974 AugustPresidentJack Troster, W6ISQ
1974 AugustVice PresidentKen Anderson, K6CQF
1974 AugustSecretaryHoward Hale, W6SC
1974 AugustTreasurerJohn Brand, K6RXZ
1974 AugustDirectorBob Thompson, K6SSJ
1974 AugustDirectorSmitty Smithwick, W6JZU
1974 AugustDirectorBob Vallio, W6RGG
1974 AugustMembership CommitteeGordon Kiefer, K6UFT
1974 AugustMembership CommitteeBob Ferareo, K6AHV
1974 AugustMembership CommitteeLloyd Colvin, W6KG
1974 AugustDXer EditorBob Thompson, K6SSJ
1974 AugustAwards ChairmanPhil Frazier, K6ZM
1974 AugustW6TI TrusteeBob Vallio, W6RGG
1974 AugustWR6ACZ TrusteeDonald Schliessar, W6MAV
1974 FebruaryPresidentBob Thompson, K6SSJ
1974 FebruaryVice PresidentMerle Parten, K6DC
1974 FebruarySecretaryJosephine Clark, WB6ZUC
1974 FebruaryTreasurerBill Vette, K6TXR
1974 FebruaryDirectorIris Colvin, W6DOD
1974 FebruaryDirectorJack Troster, W6ISQ
1974 FebruaryDirectorBob Vallio, W6RGG
1974 FebruaryMembership CommitteeGordon Kiefer, K6UFT
1974 FebruaryCalifornia Award ManagerPhil Frazier, K6ZM
1974 FebruaryDXer EditorCliff Beck, K6HIH
1974 FebruaryW6TI TrusteeBob Vallio, W6RGG
1974 FebruaryWR6ACZ TrusteeDonald Schliessar, W6MAV
1973 JulyPresidentBob Thompson, K6SSJ
1973 JulyVice PresidentMerle Parten, K6DC
1973 JulySecretaryJosephine Clark, WB6ZUC
1973 JulyTreasurerBill Vette, K6TXR
1973 JulyDirectorIris Colvin, W6DOD
1973 JulyDirectorJohn Larson, K6AUC
1973 JulyDirectorKenneth Farr, K6TWT
1973 JulyDXer EditorJohn Larson, K6AUC
1973 JulyDXer EditorCliff Beck, K6HIH
1973 JulyCalifornia Award ManagerPhil Frazier, K6ZM
1973 JulyMembership CommitteeGordon Kiefer, K6UFT
1973 JulyW6TI TrusteeBob Vallio, W6RGG
1973 MarchPresidentDoug Murray, W6HVN
1973 MarchVice PresidentIris Colvin, W6DOD
1973 MarchSecretaryAl Burnham, K6RIM
1973 MarchTreasurerDon Rose, K6ILG
1973 MarchDirectorWes Loudon, WB6UJO
1973 MarchDirectorKenneth Farr, K6TWT
1973 MarchDirectorJohn Larson, K6AUC
1973 MarchDXer EditorCliff Beck, K6HIH
1973 MarchDXer EditorJohn Larson, K6AUC
1973 MarchCalifornia Award ManagerPhil Frazier, W6AFI
1973 MarchMembership CommitteeGordon Kiefer, K6UFT
1973 MarchW6TI TrusteeBob Vallio, W6RGG
1972 SeptemberPresidentDoug Murray, W6HVN
1972 SeptemberVice PresidentIris Colvin, W6DOD
1972 SeptemberSecretaryAl Burnham, K6RIM
1972 SeptemberTreasurerDon Rose, K6ILG
1972 SeptemberDirectorWes Loudon, WB6UJO
1972 SeptemberDirectorJoe Butler, K6CAZ
1972 SeptemberDirectorNorm Brown, W6ZBS
1972 SeptemberDXer EditorCliff Beck, K6HIH
1972 SeptemberDXer EditorJohn Larson, K6AUC
1972 SeptemberCalifornia Award ManagerJohn Fogg, K6AO
1972 SeptemberMembership CommitteeGordon Kiefer, K6UFT
1972 SeptemberMembership CommitteeRoss Forbes, WB6GFJ
1972 SeptemberW6TI TrusteeBob Vallio, W6RGG
1972 JulyPresidentWes Loudon, WB6UJO
1972 JulyVice PresidentVince Chinn, K6KQN
1972 JulySecretaryHarley Licht, WA6ISX
1972 JulyTreasurerJohn Larson, K6AUC
1972 JulyDirectorDonald Schliessar, W6MAV
1972 JulyDirectorNorm Brown, W6ZBS
1972 JulyDirectorJoe Butler, K6CAZ
1972 JulyMembership CommitteeRoss Forbes, WB6GFJ (August 1972)
1972 JulyMembership CommitteeFred Harper, WA6BVY
1972 JulyMembership CommitteeRusty Epps, W6OAT
1972 JulyMembership CommitteeVern King, WB6CAB
1972 JulyMembership CommitteeWalt Cooper, W6CDJ
1972 JulyMembership CommitteeRon Daniels, K6DYQ
1972 JulyDXer EditorCliff Beck, K6HIH
1972 JulyDXer EditorJohn Larson, K6AUC
1972 JulyCalifornia Award ManagerJohn Fogg, K6AO
1972 JulyW6TI TrusteeBob Vallio, W6RGG
1971 JulyPresidentWes Loudon, WB6UJO
1971 JulyVice PresidentVince Chinn, K6KQN
1971 JulySecretaryHarley Licht, WA6ISX
1971 JulyTreasurerHarley Licht, WA6ISX
1971 JulyDirectorHugh Cassidy, WA6AUD
1971 JulyDirectorBill Hansen, W6PTS
1971 JulyDirectorRubin Hughes, WA6AHF
1971 JulyMembership CommitteeJohn Larson, K6AUC
1971 JulyMembership CommitteeRusty Epps, K4BVD/6,
1971 JulyMembership CommitteeVern King, WB6CAB
1971 JulyMembership CommitteeWalt Cooper, W6CDJ
1971 JulyMembership CommitteeFred Harper, WA6BVY
1971 JulyMembership CommitteeRoss Forbes, WB6GFJ (December 1971)
1971 JulyMembership CommitteeHarley Licht, WA6ISX (December 1971)
1971 JulyMembership CommitteeBob Ferareo, K6AHV (December 1971)
1971 JulyDXer EditorCliff Beck, K6HIH
1971 JulyDXer EditorJohn Larson, K6AUC
1971 JulyCalifornia Award ManagerJohn Fogg, K6AO
1971 JulyW6TI TrusteeBob Vallio, W6RGG
1970 JulyPresidentDonald Schliessar, W6MAV
1970 JulyVice PresidentWes Loudon, WB6UJO
1970 JulySecretaryVince Chinn, K6KQN
1970 JulyTreasurerVince Chinn, K6KQN
1970 JulyDirectorBob Vallio, W6RGG
1970 JulyDirectorLee Shacklee, W6BH
1970 JulyDirectorBill Hansen, W6PTS
1970 JulyMembership CommitteeJohn Larson, K6AUC
1970 JulyMembership CommitteeFred Harper, WA6BVY
1970 JulyMembership CommitteeRusty Epps, K4BVD/6
1970 JulyMembership CommitteeVern King, WB6CAB
1970 JulyDXer EditorJohn Gibson, K6YGS
1970 JulyCalifornia Award ManagerJohn Fogg, K6AO
1970 JulyW6TI TrusteeBob Vallio, W6RGG
1970 JanuaryPresidentHugh Cassidy, WA6AUD
1970 JanuaryVice PresidentDonald Schliessar, WA6UFW
1970 JanuarySecretaryWalt Cooper, W6CDJ
1970 JanuaryTreasurerWalt Cooper, W6CDJ
1970 JanuaryDirectorBob Vallio, W6RGG
1970 JanuaryDirectorLee Chacklee, W6BH
1970 JanuaryDirectorWes Loudon, WB6UJO
1970 JanuaryMembership CommitteeWA6AHF (1970 February)
1970 JanuaryMembership CommitteeEddie Hoetzel, W6DZZ (1970 February)
1970 JanuaryMembership CommitteeWes Loudon, WB6UJO (1970 February)
1970 JanuaryMembership CommitteeWes Loudon, WB6UJO
1970 JanuaryMembership CommitteeEddie Hoetzel, W6DZZ
1970 JanuaryMembership CommitteeRoss Forbes, WB6GFJ
1970 JanuaryDXer EditorJohn Gibson, K6YGS
1970 JanuaryCalifornia Award ManagerJohn Fogg, K6AO
1969 AugustPresidentHugh Cassidy, WA6AUD
1969 AugustVice PresidentDonald Schliessar, WA6UFW
1969 AugustSecretaryWalt Cooper, W6CDJ
1969 AugustTreasurerWalt Cooper, W6CDJ
1969 AugustDirectorKen Anderson, K6CQF
1969 AugustDirectorJIm Maxwell, W6CUF
1969 AugustDirectorVern Howard, W6ERS
1969 AugustMembership CommitteeEddie Hoetzel, W6DZZ
1969 AugustMembership CommitteeRoss Forbes, WB6GFJ
1969 AugustMembership CommitteeWes Loudon, WB6UJO
1969 AugustDXer EditorJohn Gibson, K6YGS
1969 AugustCalifornia Award ManagerJohn Fogg, K6AO
1969 AugustW6TI TrusteeBob Vallio, W6RGG
1969 JunePresidentHugh Cassidy, WA6AUD
1969 JuneVice PresidentDonald Schliessar, WA6UFW
1969 JuneSecretaryWalt Cooper, W6CDJ
1969 JuneTreasurerWalt Cooper, W6CDJ
1969 JuneDirectorKen Anderson, K6CQF
1969 JuneDirectorJIm Maxwell, W6CUF
1969 JuneDirectorVern Howard, W6ERS
1969 JuneMembership CommitteeEddie Hoetzel, W6DZZ
1969 JuneMembership CommitteeRoss Forbes, WB6GFJ
1969 JuneMembership CommitteeWes Loudon, WB6UJO
1969 JuneDXer EditorJohn Gibson, K6YGS
1969 JuneW6TI TrusteeBob Vallio, W6RGG
1969 JanuaryPresidentBob Vallio, W6RGG
1969 JanuaryVice PresidentBep Costa, W6NEQ
1969 JanuarySecretaryHugh Cassidy, WA6AUD
1969 JanuaryTreasurerHugh Cassidy, WA6AUD
1969 JanuaryDirectorVern Howard, W6ERS
1969 JanuaryDirectorJIm Maxwell, W6CUF
1969 JanuaryDirectorKen Anderson, K6CQF
1969 JanuaryMembership CommitteeEddie Hoetzel, W6DZZ
1969 JanuaryMembership CommitteeRoss Forbes, WB6GFJ
1969 JanuaryMembership CommitteeWes Loudon, WB6UJO
1969 JanuaryDXer EditorJohn Gibson, K6YGS
1969 JanuaryCalifornia Award ManagerJoe Horvath, W6GPB
1969 JanuaryW6TI TrusteeBob Vallio, W6RGG
1968 JulyPresidentBob Vallio, W6RGG
1968 JulyVice PresidentBep Costa, W6NEQ
1968 JulySecretaryHugh Cassidy, WA6AUD
1968 JulyTreasurerHugh Cassidy, WA6AUD
1968 JulyDirectorKen Anderson, K6CQF
1968 JulyDirectorVern Howard, W6ERS
1968 JulyDirectorJIm Maxwell, W6CUF
1968 JulyMembership CommitteeWes Loudon, WB6UJO
1968 JulyMembership CommitteeRoss Forbes, WB6GFJ
1968 JulyMembership CommitteeEddie Hoetzel, W6DZZ
1968 JulyDXer EditorKen Anderson, K6CQF
1968 JulyDXer EditorJohn Gibson, K6YGS (1968 November)
1968 JanuaryPresidentJIm Maxwell, W6CUF
1968 JanuaryVice PresidentEd Aleks, K6DXM
1968 JanuarySecretaryJoe Butler, K6CAZ
1968 JanuaryTreasurerJoe Butler, K6CAZ
1968 JanuaryDirectorKen Anderson, K6CQF
1968 JanuaryDirectorVern Howard, W6ERS
1968 JanuaryDirectorDave Baker, W6WX
1968 JanuaryDXer EditorKen Anderson, K6CQF
1967 NovemberPresidentJIm Maxwell, W6CUF
1967 NovemberVice PresidentEd Aleks, K6DXM
1967 NovemberSecretaryJoe Butler, K6CAZ
1967 NovemberTreasurerJoe Butler, K6CAZ
1967 NovemberDirectorLee Shacklee, W6PQW
1967 NovemberDirectorBrad Wyatt, W6VUW
1967 NovemberDirectorDave Baker, W6WX
1967 NovemberDXer EditorKen Anderson, K6CQF
1967 JulyPresidentJIm Maxwell, W6CUF
1967 JulyVice PresidentEd Aleks, K6DXM
1967 JulySecretaryJoe Butler, K6CAZ
1967 JulyTreasurerJoe Butler, K6CAZ
1967 JanuaryPresidentDave Baker, W6WX
1967 JanuaryVice PresidentBob Vallio, W6RGG
1967 JanuarySecretaryJoe Butler, K6CAZ
1967 JanuaryTreasurerJoe Butler, K6CAZ
1967 JanuaryDXer EditorDave Palmer, W6PHF
1966 JulyPresidentDave Baker, W6WX
1966 JulyVice PresidentBob Vallio, W6RGG
1966 JulySecretaryLee Shacklee, W6PQW
1966 JulyTreasurerLee Shacklee, W6PQW
1966 JulyDirectorRich Wilde, K6OHJ
1966 JulyDirectorRay Rinaudo, W6KEV
1966 JulyDirectorDoug Murray, W6HVN
1966 JulyDXer EditorWyane Hills, K6ALH
1966 JanuaryPresidentJack Broiler, K6ERV
1966 JanuaryVice PresidentJim Neiger, W6BHY
1966 JanuarySecretaryBill Stevens, W6LCF
1966 JanuaryTreasurerBill Stevens, W6LCF
1966 JanuaryDirectorRich Wilde, K6OHJ
1966 JanuaryDirectorRay Rinaudo, W6KEV
1966 JanuaryDXer EditorDoug Murray, W6HVN
1965PresidentJack Broiler, K6ERV
1965Vice PresidentJim Neiger, W7WJB
1965SecretaryRay Eichman, WA6IVM
1965TreasurerRay Eichman, WA6IVM
1965DirectorJack Broiler, K6ERV
1965DirectorRich Wilde, K6OHJ
1965DXer EditorDave Baker, W6WX
1965DXer EditorCurt Roche, W6ZMW
1965 SeptemberDXer EditorDave Baker, W6WX
1965 SeptemberDXer EditorJim Neiger, W7WJB
1965 SeptemberDXer EditorRay Eichman, WA6IVM
1965 SeptemberDXer EditorBob Vallio, W6RGG
1965 SeptemberDXer EditorDoug Murray, W6HVN
1965 OctoberDXer EditorDoug Murray, W6HVN
1965 OctoberDXer EditorDoug Westover, K6TZX
1965 OctoberDXer EditorJim Neiger, W6BHY
1965 OctoberDXer EditorRay Eichman, WA6IVM
1965 OctoberDXer EditorJohn Fogg, W6VVR
1965 OctoberDXer EditorDave Baker, W6WX
1965 OctoberDXer EditorHoward Hale, W6SC
1964 OctoberPresidentRon Patton, W6CBE
1964 OctoberVice PresidentHiller Ramat, WA6HRS
1964 OctoberSecretaryIris Clovin, KL7DTB/6
1964 OctoberTreasurerIris Clovin, KL7DTB/6
1964 OctoberDirectorDave Baker, W6WX
1964 OctoberDirectorDoug Murray, W6HVN
1964 OctoberDXer EditorCurt Roche, W6ZMW
1964 FebruaryPresidentRich Wilde, K6OHJ
1964 FebruaryVice PresidentRon Patton, W6CBE
1964 FebruarySecretaryIris Clovin, KL7DTB/6
1964 FebruaryTreasurerIris Clovin, KL7DTB/6
1964 FebruaryDirectorDoug Murray, W6HVN
1964 FebruaryDirectorDave Baker, W6WX
1964 FebruaryDXer EditorDoug Murray, W6HVN
1963 AugustPresidentRich Wilde, K6OHJ
1963 AugustVice PresidentEric Edberg, W6JWD
1963 AugustSecretaryRon Patton, W6CBE
1963 AugustTreasurerRon Patton, W6CBE
1963 AugustDirectorHoward Hale, W6SC
1963 AugustDirectorVern Howard, W6ERS
1963 AugustQSL MangerLloyd Colvin, W6KG
1963 AugustDXer EditorJoe Reisert, Jr., WA6TGY
1963 FebruaryPresidentHoward Hale, W6FYM
1963 FebruaryVice PresidentRich Wilde, K6OHJ
1963 FebruarySecretaryRon Patton, W6CBE
1963 FebruaryTreasurerRon Patton, W6CBE
1963 FebruaryDirectorHoward Hale, W6SC
1963 FebruaryDirectorVern Howard, W6ERS
1963 FebruaryQSL ManagerLloyd Colvin, W6KG
1963 FebruaryDXer EditorJoe Reisert, Jr., WA6TGY
1962 AugustPresidentHoward Hale, W6FYM
1962 AugustVice PresidentRich Wilde, K6OHJ
1962 AugustSecretaryDoug Murray, W6HVN
1962 AugustTreasurerDoug Murray, W6HVN
1962 AugustDirectorRichard Czeikoitz, W6ATO
1962 AugustDirectorJoe Horvath, W6GPB
1962 AugustQSL MangerLloyd Colvin, W6KG
1962 AugustDXer EditorRobert Murphy, K6CQM
1962 JunePresidentVern Howard, W6ERS
1962 JuneVice PresidentDick Maddux, K6BWX
1962 JuneSecretaryHoward Hale, W6FYM
1962 JuneTreasurerHoward Hale, W6FYM
1962 JuneDirectorRichard Czeikoitz, W6ATO
1962 JuneDirectorJoe Horvath, W6GPB
1962 JuneQSL ManagerLloyd Colvin, W6KG
1962 JuneDXer EditorRobert Murphy, K6CQM
1961 August/SeptemberPresidentLeonard Geraldi, K6ANP
1961 August/SeptemberVice PresidentVern Howard, W6ERS
1961 August/SeptemberSecretaryHoward Hale, W6FYM
1961 August/SeptemberTreasurerHoward Hale, W6FYM
1961 August/SeptemberDirectorRichard Czeikoitz, W6ATO
1961 August/SeptemberDirectorJoe Horvath, W6GPB
1961 August/SeptemberDXer EditorRobert Murphy, K6CQM
1961 JunePresidentBob Thompson, K6SSJ
1961 JuneVice PresidentEd Peck, W6LDD
1961 JuneSecretaryHoward Hale, W6FYM
1961 JuneTreasurerHoward Hale, W6FYM
1961 JuneDirectorRichard Czeikoitz, W6ATO
1961 JuneDirectorJoe Horvath, W6GPB
1961 JuneDXer EditorRobert Murphy, K6CQM
1961 JanuaryPresidentBob Thompson, K6SSJ
1961 JanuaryVice PresidentEd Peck, W6LDD
1961 JanuarySecretaryJoe Horvath, W6GPB
1961 JanuaryTreasurerJoe Horvath, W6GPB
1961 JanuaryDirectorLloyd Colvin, W6KG
1961 JanuaryDirectorFred Fiedler, W6IPH
1961 JanuaryDXer EditorRobert Murphy, K6CQM
1960 SeptemberPresidentBob Thompson, K6SSJ
1960 SeptemberVice PresidentEd Peck, W6LDD
1960 SeptemberSecretaryJoe Horvath, W6GPB
1960 SeptemberTreasurerJoe Horvath, W6GPB
1960 SeptemberDirectorLloyd Colvin, W6KG
1960 SeptemberDirectorFred Fiedler, W6IPH
1960 SeptemberDXer EditorRobert Murphy, K6CQM
1960 JanuaryPresidentGordon Provance, W6LTX
1960 JanuaryVice PresidentJohn Nelson, W6JHV
1960 JanuarySecretaryJoe Horvath, W6GPB
1960 JanuaryTreasurerJoe Horvath, W6GPB
1960 JanuaryDirectorLloyd Colvin, W6KG
1960 JanuaryDirectorFred Fiedler, W6IPH
1960 JanuaryDXer EditorBob Thompson, K6SSJ
1959 SeptemberPresidentGordon Provance, W6LTX
1959 SeptemberVice PresidentJohn Nelson, W6JHV
1959 SeptemberSecretaryJames Multer, W6KXG
1959 SeptemberTreasurerJames Multer, W6KXG
1959 SeptemberDirectorLloyd Colvin, W6KG
1959 SeptemberDirectorFred Fiedler, W6IPH
1959 SeptemberDXer EditorBob Thompson, K6SSJ
1959 MarchPresidentGuy Kane, K6AQP
1959 MarchVice PresidentVacant
1959 MarchSecretaryGordon Provance, W6LTX
1959 MarchTreasurerGordon Provance, W6LTX
1959 MarchDirectorFred Fiedler, W6IPH
1959 MarchDirectorHarold Barbeil, W6GQK
1959 MarchDXer EditorBob Thompson, K6SSJ
1958 AugustPresidentGuy Kane, K6AQP
1958 AugustVice PresidentOtto Miller, K6ENX
1958 AugustSecretaryG. E. Provance, W6LTX
1958 AugustTreasurerG. E. Provance, W6LTX
1958 AugustDirectorHarold Barber, W6GQK
1958 AugustDirectorDewey Bernaldo, W6VE
1958 AugustDXer EditorBob Thompson, K6SSJ
1958 AugustDXer EditorFank Torchia, W6KEK
1958 JunePresidentLloyd Colvin, W6KG
1958 JuneVice PresidentGordon Provance, W6LTX
1958 JuneSecretary Jack Holmes, W6BUY
1958 JuneTreasurer Jack Holmes, W6BUY
1958 JuneDirectorDewey Bernaldo, W6VE
1958 JuneDirectorHarold Barbeil, W6GQK
1958 JuneDXer EditorFank Torchia, W6KEK
1958 FebruaryPresidentLloyd Colvin, W6KG
1958 FebruaryVice PresidentJoe Horvath, W6GPB
1958 FebruarySecretaryGordon Provance, W6LTX
1958 FebruaryTreasurerGordon Provance, W6LTX
1958 FebruaryDirectorHarold Barbeil, W6GQK
1958 FebruaryDirectorDewey Bernaldo, W6VE
1958 FebruaryDXer EditorFank Torchia, W6KEK
1958 JanuaryPresidentWilliam Hurd, W6CTL
1958 JanuaryVice PresidentGordon Provance, W6LTX
1958 JanuarySecretaryJoe Horvath, W6GPB
1958 JanuaryTreasurerJoe Horvath, W6GPB
1958 JanuaryDirectorBob McLellan, W6DBP
1958 JanuaryDirectorGuy Kane, K6AQP
1958 JanuaryDXer EditorFank Torchia, W6KEK
1957 JulyPresidentWilliam Hurd, W6CTL
1957 JulyVice PresidentHarold Bennett, W6TXL
1957 JulySecretaryJoe Horvath, W6GPB
1957 JulyTreasurerJoe Horvath, W6GPB
1957 JulyDirectorGuy Kane, K6AQP
1957 JulyDirectorBob McLellan, W6DBP
1957 JulyDXer EditorFank Torchia, W6KEK
1957 JulyDXer EditorEric Ledin, W6MUF
1957 JanuaryPresidentFrank Torchia, W6KEK
1957 JanuaryVice PresidentHarold Bennett, W6TXL
1957 JanuarySecretaryCharles Henry, W6EJA
1957 JanuaryTreasurerCharles Henry, W6EJA
1957 JanuaryDirectorGuy Kane, K6AQP
1957 JanuaryDirectorBob McLellan, W6DBP
1957 JanuaryDXer EditorDan Rodriguez, W6GIZ
1956 JulyPresidentFank Torchia, W6KEK
1956 JulyVice PresidentStanley Johnson, W6SZ
1956 JulySecretaryCharles Henry, W6EJA
1956 JulyTreasurerCharles Henry, W6EJA
1956 JulyDirectorEddie Hoetzel, W6DZZ
1956 JulyDirectorArt Fonseca, W6SR
1956 JulyDXer EditorWilliam Hurd, W6CTL
1956 JanuaryPresidentJoe Horvath, W6GPB
1956 JanuaryVice PresidentDom Lucido, W6IDY
1956 JanuarySecretaryJack Holmes, W6BUY
1956 JanuaryTreasurerJack Holmes, W6BUY
1956 JanuaryDirectorEddie Hoetzel, W6DZZ
1956 JanuaryDirectorJohn Beck, W6MHB
1956 JanuaryPhotographerPete Folini, W6PYH
1956 JanuaryDXer EditorWilliam Hurd, W6CTL
1955 JulyPresidentJoe Horvath, W6GPB
1955 JulyVice PresidentFank Torchia, W6KEK
1955 JulySecretaryRay Rinaudo, W6KEV
1955 JulyTreasurerRay Rinaudo, W6KEV
1955 JulyDirectorJohn Nelson, W6LMZ
1955 JulyDirectorFrank Valentich, W6MEK
1955 JulyPhotographerPete Folini, W6PYH
1955 JulyDXer EditorJoe Horvath, W6GPB
1955 MayPresidentCharles Henry, W6EJA
1955 MayVice PresidentFank Torchia, W6KEK
1955 MaySecretaryRay Rinaudo, W6KEV
1955 MayTreasurerRay Rinaudo, W6KEV
1955 MayDirectorJohn Nelson, W6LMZ
1955 MayDirectorFrank Valentich, W6MEK
1955 MayPhotographerPete Folini, W6PYH
1955 MayDXer EditorJoe Horvath, W6GPB
1954PresidentJohn Beck, W6MHB
1954Vice PresidentRoy Colwell, W6LW
1954SecretaryHorace Greer, W6TI
1954TreasurerHorace Greer, W6TI
1954DirectorDan Rodriguez, W6GIZ
1954DirectorJoe Horvath, W6GPB
1954DXer EditorDan Rodriguez, W6GIZ
1953 DecemberPresidentHal Nahmens, W6JK
1953 DecemberVice PresidentJoe Horvath, W6GPB
1953 DecemberSecretaryRoy Colwell, W6LW
1953 DecemberTreasurerRoy Colwell, W6LW
1953 DecemberDirectorDewey Bernaldo, W6VE
1953 DecemberDirectorJohn Beck, W6MHB
1953 DecemberPhotographerPete Folini, W6PYH
1953 DecemberDXer EditorDan Rodriguez, W6GIZ
1953 July/AugustPresidentHal Nahmens, W6JK
1953 July/AugustVice PresidentJoe Horvath, W6GPB
1953 July/AugustSecretaryRoy Colwell, W6LW
1953 July/AugustTreasurerRoy Colwell, W6LW
1953 July/AugustPhotographerPete Folini, W6PYH
1953 July/AugustDXer EditorCharles Henry, W6EJA
1953 JanuaryPresidentPete Folini, W6PYH
1953 JanuaryVice PresidentJoseph Johnson, W6NIG
1953 JanuarySecretaryRoy Colwell, W6LW
1953 JanuaryTreasurerRoy Colwell, W6LW
1953 JanuaryDirectorDewey Bernaldo, W6VE
1953 JanuaryDirectorDonald Bennett, W6RRG
1953 JanuaryPhotographerPete Folini, W6PYH
1953 JanuaryDXer EditorCharles Henry, W6EJA
1952 July/AugustPresidentEddie Hoetzel, W6DZZ
1952 July/AugustVice PresidentJoseph Johnson, W6NIG
1952 July/AugustSecretaryFank Torchia, W6KEK
1952 July/AugustTreasurerFank Torchia, W6KEK
1952 July/AugustDirectorDonald Bennett, W6RRG
1952 July/AugustDirectorWilliam G. Hurd, W6CTL
1952 July/AugustDXer EditorCharles Henry, W6EJA
1952 January/FebruaryPresidentArt Fonseca, W6SR
1952 January/FebruaryVice PresidentRich Lawton, W6MVQ
1952 January/FebruarySecretaryFank Torchia, W6KEK
1952 January/FebruaryTreasurerFank Torchia, W6KEK
1952 January/FebruaryDirectorJoseph Johnson, W6NIG
1952 January/FebruaryDirectorWilliam Hurd, W6CTL
1952 January/FebruaryDXer EditorCharles Henry, W6EJA
1951 May/JunePresidentArt Fonseca, W6SR
1951 May/JuneVice PresidentRich Lawton, W6MVQ
1951 May/JuneSecretaryJohn Beck, W6MHB
1951 May/JuneTreasurerJohn Beck, W6MHB
1951 May/JuneDirectorEd Peck, W6LDD
1951 May/JuneDirectorJack Holmes, W6BUY
1951 May/JuneDXer EditorCharles Henry, W6EJA
1951 JanuaryPresidentRichard Czeikoitz, W6ATO
1951 JanuaryVice PresidentHal Nahmens, W6JK
1951 JanuarySecretaryJohn Beck, W6MHB
1951 JanuaryTreasurerJohn Beck, W6MHB
1951 JanuaryDirectorEd Peck, W6LDD
1951 JanuaryDirectorJack Holmes, W6BUY
1951 JanuaryDXer EditorCharles Henry, W6EJA
1950 May/JunePresidentRichard Czeikoitz, W6ATO
1950 May/JuneVice PresidentHal Nahmens, W6JK
1950 May/JuneSecretaryWilliam Hurd, W6CTL
1950 May/JuneTreasurerWilliam Hurd, W6CTL
1950 May/JuneDirectorRich Lawton, W6MVQ
1950 May/JuneDirectorHorace Greer, W6TI
1950 May/JuneDXer EditorCharles Henry, W6EJA
1950 JanuaryPresidentEd Peck, W6LDD
1950 JanuaryVice PresidentRichard Czeikoitz, W6ATO
1950 JanuarySecretaryWilliam Hurd, W6CTL
1950 JanuaryTreasurerWilliam Hurd, W6CTL
1950 JanuaryDirectorRich Lawton, W6MVQ
1950 JanuaryDirectorHorace Greer, W6TI
1950 JanuaryDXer EditorDan O'Brian, W6PB
1949 JanuaryPresidentBud Bane, W6WB
1949 JanuaryVice PresidentJames Ruys, W6UZ
1949 JanuarySecretaryHorace Greer, W6TI
1949 JanuaryTreasurerHorace Greer, W6TI
1949 JanuaryDirectorCarol Smith, W6RM
1949 JanuaryDirectorWilliam Ladley, W6RBQ
1949 JanuaryDXer EditorDan O'Brian, W6PB
1949 JunePresidentClay Murdoch, W6OMC
1949 JuneVice PresidentHoward Hale, W6SC
1949 JuneSecretaryHorace Greer, W6TI
1949 JuneTreasurerHorace Greer, W6TI
1949 JuneDirectorCarol Smith, W6RM
1949 JuneDirectorWilliam Ladley, W6RBQ
1949 JuneDXer EditorDan O'Brian, W6PB
1948PresidentHorace Greer, W6TI
1948Vice PresidentFrank Valentich, W6MEK
1948SecretaryDan O'Brian, W6PB
1948TreasurerDan O'Brian, W6PB
1948DirectorBud Bane, W6WB
1948DirectorJack Holmes, W6BUY
1948Past PresidentsPhil Caldera, W6IKQ
1948Past PresidentsDan O'Brian, W6PB
1948DXer EditorDan O'Brian, W6PB
1947PresidentPhil Caldera, W6IKQ
1946PresidentDan O'Brian, W6PB
NCDXC Was Born October 1946