NCDXC operates a 2M repeater using our Club Callsign: W6TI

Frequency: 147.360+ (Input 147.960)

PL Tone: 110.9

Auto Patch: No

Repeater ID #: 17879

The Club W6TI 2M repeater is located near Palo Alto, California. The primary purpose of our repeater is to exchange DX information and to conduct monthly on-the-air Club nets. DX Spotting is Encouraged on the repeater!

Additional uses of our repeater are for club members to exchange technical information; for the handling of emergency traffic; for aiding Civil Defense, state and local police; and for providing public service communications.

The W6TI Repeater is also available for NCDXC Members through the Echolink node N6NKT-L