NCDXC meetings are generally held on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Exceptions are April due to IDXC, July due to our Annual Picnic and December due to our Holiday Party.

Visitors are ALWAYS welcome!

Next Meeting:

Date: September 17th, 2020
Time: 7pm

Location ONLINE ONLY! - Please see email for zoom info

Program: FT8: How Does It Work? - David Grybos, KK6US

Or: “Wow, this is State-of-the-Art Stuff!”

This high-level presentation will hopefully provide a: “Oh! That’s how it works” insight as to how FT8 works and how it provides the performance we enjoy. You won’t be Digital Communications experts and there won’t be any mathematics.

The talk will cover: Overview; User Messages; Source Encoding/Decoding; Forward Error Correction (FEC); Modulation; Synchronization; Demodulation

Hopefully you will have an appreciation of how State-of-the-Art FT8 is.

Questions, discussion and additional input from club members is solicited.

David Grybos, KK6US, was first Licensed in 1969 (WN8FKH, WB8FKH). He has a BSE (EE), MSE, and a PhD in Electrical Engineering. He specialized in Communications, Satellite, and Spread Spectrum. He retired from SSL (originally Ford Aerospace, now Maxar Space Solutions) as Chief Architect US Government Systems. One of his last commercial projects was a Satellite Digital Payload (A multi-channel DSP transponder).

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