Here is your current, 2021-2022 leadership for NCDXC. Please feel free to reach out to them with any questions, comments or concerns. You can also check past leadership by visiting that page.


President - Tony Dowler - K6BV

dxer at

I am a native-born San Franciscan who was originally licensed as KA6LSY in 1981 and almost immediately became a “DXer" having held the callsigns N6GBM, KM6DA & AA6ZA.  I have twice been on the other side of the pile-up operating from the U.K. as G0/N6GBM and from HV0A-The Vatican. My club affiliations have included San Francisco Radio Club, R.S.G.B., CXDC and NCDXC. When I am not on the air (RARE), my focus and enjoyment come from music and photography; oh, and I play the drums.


Vice President - Mike Flowers - K6MKF at

I enjoy DXing, golf and traveling to Maui and Australia.  I am an ARRL Member and a member of the Lupton Downs ARC.  I’ve held the callsigns WN2JLQ, KA3FJD, KD3AN and K6MKF, and was a member of the Conway Reef 2012 3D2C DXpedition.


Secretary - Lucas Ford - W6AER

lucas at

Interest in ham radio goes back to before high school, got active again in 2012. I enjoy DXing as well as light contesting. 8 Band DXCC. Still looking to get  6m &160m DXCC. Been more active again on satellites and VHF/UHF as well.

Outside of ham radio, I enjoy traveling, gardening to name a few. Originally studied Biology/Biochemistry with a masters in Education, but ended up working in IT for 3 decades now (go figure), past 2 decades as an IT Director but wore many "IT Hats" in the past. Since 1995 I have also run an IT consulting business on the side catering mainly to startups and small businesses. Born in Europe, Lived in the SF Bay Area since 1986.

Life memberships with ARRL, AMSAT, NCCC, SFARC and of course NCDXC.


Treasurer - Jim Sansoterra - K8JRK

jamesnoland42 at

My primary interest is DX.  Along the way to my current 335, I have also focused on Zones.  I completed my 5 band WAZ a few years ago and lack 4 or 5 for 17 and 12.  I prefer CW or SSB.  I was first licensed in 1958.

My education includes degrees in Mathematical Economics and Finance.  I am semi-retired from a career in Private Banking  - Investment Management and continue to research and write a Weekly on economics for clients and a few others.

Other long-term interests include fly fishing and bird hunting, something growing up in Michigan made easy, photography and woodworking.  I also work a great deal on my 32 Ford.

Also native to Michigan, my wife, Wendy WF8R, and I now live in Fredericksburg, Texas with our Dobermans.  We’ve joined the Hill Country Amateur Radio Club and are slowly meeting the local hams.  Over the years, I’ve held calls for Tuvalu, TZ8RK and French Polynesia, FO0SSJ for both expeditions and personal use.  Other calls include C6A, P4OGP & VK5ACG.  Five fellow hams and I spent 12 years on the Formula 1 – TRANSAM racing circuit providing some of the earliest pit/car and track management networks.  This afforded us access to some of the world’s finest tracks until commercial interests arrived and we went back to our real jobs.

Prior to COVID, Wendy and I were on the pistol range on a weekly basis where were licensed Range Safety Officers.  We are both voracious and eclectic readers.  We are working on a tower for our new home here in Texas and now that the gym is built and the gym equipment is in place, getting back to regular exercise.


Past President - Art Rizzi - N6MFT

art.n6mft at 

Main interests, FT-8, SSB, CW. Outside radio I enjoy reloading and competing in Cowboy Action Shooting. Member of ARRL. Retired teacher. Part time private practice Family Counseling. Former Call Sign KK6WJZ. Born in Girard, Ohio in 1953. Moved to San Jose in 1963


Director - Frank Kibbish - N6OI

kibbish at 

I was first licensed in 1975 as WN6MRQ. The call changed to WB6MRQ when I passed the General and Advanced tests on the same day less than a year later. I finally upgraded to Extra more than 30 years later, and changed my call to N6OI in 2012. I've only been serious about DXing for the last 15 years or so, but also do some public service work and some light contesting. Career wise, I spent nearly 40 years working in various high tech roles, and retired in 2018. I was a music major in college, and I still love to spend time playing music (clarinet, sax, guitar, vocals). My wife and I enjoy traveling when we can. I'm a member of NCDXC (obviously), NCCC, 10-X, and a life member of the ARRL.


Director - Richard Clare - WB6EWM

crrr at

My main interests are CW, low bands and 9 band DXCC. Got a way to go on 160. I have many outside interests including long range fishing, gardening, cycling, fishing with my wife and camping in my truck camper. I also do remodel my homes, and now the new one. I belong to ARRL and attend some meetings of SBCARA. I was a past board member of SCARA. I was a machinist for 40 years, including working on the wheels of the Curiosity rover and the D5 Trident MIRV missile. I also built parts for the radiation (Varian) machine used to treat my cancer. My previous call sign was wn6adz acquired in 1969.

Latest Ed

Director - Ed Landesman - K6DMZ

elandesm at

When I was in high school in Los Angeles, I took a course called Radio Shop.  The instructor was a Ham and he encouraged many of us to get our licenses.  I received my Novice License KN6DMZ in 1954. I currently have an Extra Class License K6DMZ.

I went to UCLA and obtained a BA, MA, and Ph.D. in mathematics.  For 28 years, I was a Professor of Mathematics at UC Santa Cruz where I also started a radio club with some undergraduates.  Subsequently, I worked at a company directing the development of modules for the learning of mathematics.  I then helped coordinate STEM programs and initiatives at UCSC, SJSU., and the FHDA Community College District; and I worked on education programs at NASA/Ames.

I am a longtime ARRL member.  I enjoy working SSB, CW, and digital modes on most of the HF bands.  I also enjoy building antennas.  I still like to pound a straight key and I am grateful that I learned CW at an early age.  I am now teaching my 5-year-old grandson Morse code.  What fun!


Director - David Grybos - KK6US

david at

I grew up in Michigan South of Detroit. I have been continuously licensed since 1969, originally as WN8FKH and WB8FKH. Thanks to Bill Pearson, W8AEJ (SK), who taught me electronics and Ham Radio sufficiently to get my Ham Radio license and First-Class Radiotelephone license as a teenager.  The Radiotelephone license provided summer jobs during my undergraduate studies in an air-conditioned Motorola 2-Way radio repair shop instead of a more traditional student or factory job.

This interest in radio, and a corresponding interest in Space inspired my career choice.  I received a BSEE from the University of Michigan – Dearborn and a MSEE and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University. I spent 40 years helping to build National Security and Commercial Space payloads, satellites and systems. I retired in September of 2018. Besides building Ham Radio antennas and electronics, I’ve been known to build copies of vintage vacuum tube Fender Guitar Amplifiers, wood working projects and ‘60’s automobile projects.


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