Asking $500 for a very good TS-940SAT. Full operation and no problems. Totally gone through by a Tec in LA. Also has the voice synthesizer unit. Willing to put on the air. No shipping as I do not have the original shipping box, but willing to deliver within 100 miles or meet halfway.

Good in the Roster. Dick, W6KM

I need help to escape the ire from my XYL:…She sez “Get rid of those ugly vertical antennas & off my kitchen roof!…or ELSE!”…Well, she doesn’t scare me, but the “or ELSE’ does !…And so, I need to sell the following verticals: 1. R7 Cushcraft missing the black box & ‘radials'[easy to get]. 2. Cushcraft AP8A all band vertical [still put together lying on the back deck…] 3. Butternut HF9V all band vertical, also still put together on the back deck…..Price on each of these radiating pieces of aluminum is $50 for each, or all 3 for $ 100!!!…..Come on down and get these bargains……Jerry,K6MD, 831 649 8989 or 831 917 0580  

Ameritron AL-82 160 thru 10 meter amplifier (has WARC Bands)  This amp was a backup amp to my ACOM 2000 amps at the NX6T ham shack and seldom used in contest mode.The AL-82 employs a pair of “Instant On” 3-500Z tubes and the beefy 3.3kV Power Supply employs a Peter Dahl transformer. This amp will put out 1.5 kW, unlike many under-powered 3-500Z amps. I will also include a spare set of 3-500Z tubes that have full output. Physical condition is very good. Pickup in Fallbrook preferred or I can bring to serious buyers in San Diego area ( needs 220 VAC ) I may be driving to San Jose the end of July but local San Diego area buyers will have preference.Shipping might be considered (expensive !) if I personally know the buyer.$1500

73, Dennis N6KI

Item for sale: Price Dropped by $500 from $3200 to $2700

 SteppIR Monster 40 to 10 meters, full size 3 elements on 40 & 30 meters, 4 elements on 20 to 10 meters, 6 elements on 6 meters. 34 foot boom, weight about 200 pounds.

This antenna is on the ground being stored in a garage near Denver Co. For pick up only. Call Mike W6QUV at 720-596-4239, or Email to [email protected]

This is a KB antenna that has worked over 300 countries on 40 meters. New price $2700

Thanks, Russ K6KLY